Pro-Ink Studios - Tattooing/Cosmetic tattooing/Piercing

  • Tattoo Artist

We have a softer side. And a tougher side. A smooth, polished side and a fresh, funky side. We’re multi-faceted. Because we know that the image of body art is changing, and so is our clientele. Long gone are the days when the sole patrons of tattoo shops were thugs and ruffians. Who are our customers now? Your coworkers and friends. Your boss, your mom, the principal of your kids’ school. You are.

At Pro-Ink, we realize this new clientele needs a new kind of studio. Body art is a business, and we are business professionals. Clean. Honest. Sharp. Someone you’d want to bring your grandma to meet.

Let us help you express yourself. Call!

Pro-Ink Studios provides a full range of professional, custom body art techniques:
Tattooing—from simple line work to wildly realistic portraiture, and everything in between.
Cosmetic tattooing—whatever you don’t want to do in the morning, we’ll make it so you don’t have to.
Piercing—ear cartilage, oral, surface, body…et cetera.