• Computer Repair

Are you sick and tried of being ripped off by a computer repair shop?
My business is not that way I will work with you on pricing. I know every one isn't rich.I have been working on computers for around 10 years I know them inside and out...

This is just some things I work on:
-Viruses (anything that is making your computer run slow)
-re-install OS (Windows, Mac or even Linux)
-New software or hardware
-cellphone repair (hardware,not glass)
-power problems
-If you just don't know what's wrong with it
I also work with broken tablets
*just added! I can now teach you how to use your cell phone computer or tablet
Want to make a website? I'm your guy!

Want to make a hit you tube video?
I'm your guy if you want a free estimate please call the owner of ZVS Zack.