• Auto Repair Services $100.00

Waxing, Buffing, Compounding.
Swirl Mark Removal-Water Spot Removal-Scratch Removal

We offer a Full Detail which includes...

1- Hand wash entire vehicle exterior
2- Scrub wheels/rims. (remove brake dust/asbestos)
3- Spray down wheel wells
4- Completely dry vehicle (using a Blaster Dryer)
5- Polish all Painted surfaces using Buffer
6- Buff headlights and taillights
7- Dress tires with Silicone
8- Polish Chrome rims (when applicable)
9- Interior vacuuming
10-Interior dusting shampoo carpet
11-Interior Protectant Application ( Dashboard/Center Console)
12-Application of Leather Cleaner and Conditioner (leather seating only)
13- Apply Cleaner Wax to windshield and all windows
14- wash engine and dress
15- clean trunk

Our price $100
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