• Spanish Lessons

Hi. My name is Andres and I am from Medellin, Colombia. I was raised in a very intellectual environment that helped me develop a passion for languages.

My mom is a linguist, musician, and teacher. Thanks to her schooling, I developed a fun and efficient coaching approach that makes learning a second language much easier. I taught myself English so I can relate to the struggles experienced by students when it comes to understanding and learning a second language.

I am a native speaker and my qualifications include 10 years of experience in working with pupils of all ages. Whether the student is a child or an adult, in need of some guidance with their homework or even learning the language from scratch, the results have always been very successful. I focus on different characteristics depending on the student's command of the language and needs, such as: Pronunciation, grammar, sentence structuring and reading. As a musician, I believe learning a second language must involve dynamic exercises to help develop genuine interest and passion for the language itself.

Feel free to call me. We can discuss rates and schedules over the phone. I can provide references and I have my own Social Media accounts to very my authenticity.

Let's speak Spanish!