Sparky's MC Detailing Degrease Wash Wax Leather Conditioning

  • Car Wash $60.00

Any Bike Fully Detailed, Degreased, Washed, Waxed $60.00

Sparky's /C Detailing """ is a service that insures you with knowing that your motorcycle has been degreased, cleaned and polished with the upmost care. Every motorcycle deserves a yearly complete detailing which maintains their resale value and performance handling.

Cleaning begins with removing seat, side covers, saddle bags and windshields along with any other removable parts.

Motorcycle is then placed under a frame lift that allows us to spin and degrease, and detail the wheels. After wheels and tires have been completed the motorcycle is rolled on to a full lift that allows us to hand clean the bike at eye level. After several cleanings by hand insuring that all debris has been removed as best as possible. Followed up with all metals, fiberglass and plastics are polished. Those of you with the black matt finish on your engine casings will love the shine and newness brought back after one of our cleanings. Please keep in mind we do not refurbish any parts that have rust or deep scratches, however we are able to bring back life in paint that has been marred slightly,,, and we are also able to remove light rust that may have accumulated.

We also offer leather conditioning for an additional cost of $20.00
Please note that for a complete detail we require the bike to be with us for a period of 3 days.

Any bike that has been neglected over time with heavy road grime may have some imperfections in the wheels and paint even after one of our extensive cleanings. So if buying a new bike and by using our services several times a year you will drastically help to keep your bike looking good and helping to insure a good resale value when trading in or selling outright.

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