Streakless Window Washing, LLC - Window Cleaning / Window Washing

  • Window Cleaning $4.00

My name is Tyler Keith and I am newly married and own my own licensed window cleaning business. I take great pride in my window cleaning jobs and you will be impressed at the difference clean windows can have. Because I am the one cleaning your windows I take care and make certain it is a job well done.

My services include:

-Window Cleaning - $4 per window, outside and inside - $2 per window, outside
-Screen Cleaning (Spraying and Washing) - $2 per bug screen - $3 per sun screen
-Blind Dusting - Large $4 - Medium $3 - Small $2
-Solar Panels - $40 but only $25 with window cleaning package
-Window Tracks - $1 each
-Window Sills - Included
-Much more!

Residential, commercial, one time or repeating customers are all welcome! You will not regret getting your windows cleaned by somebody who cares.

Call and feel free to ask questions!