Student of Rev. Gary Davis | Expert Acoustic Blues Lessons

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Student of Rev. Gary Davis | Expert Acoustic Blues Lessons (Upper West Side)
Very experienced Guitar teacher specializing in acoustic Blues & Folk. I was a student of the great Rev. Gary Davis' and have received international acclaim among old Blues enthusiasts, and from guitar greats like Brownie McGhee, Booker White, and many others. Simple direct teaching style based on observation, repetition & singing. This was the method employed by the original players of this music and imparts more than just the "right" notes. Lessons involve serious listening to original sources, learning to use simple chord figures up and down the neck in several keys along with various riffs, runs, tears and polyphonic watchamacallems. Right hand finger picking techniques appropriate to each song are demonstrated including things like Rev. Davis'

"Backwards roll" and Blind Blake's "Double thumb Hiccup". Advanced students can learn the songs of Rev. Davis, Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Blake, John Hurt, Libba Cotton and the slide techniques of Son House, Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson, and others. Located on the UWS but can travel a bit if necessary, and particularly for more than one lesson. I can also assist in purchasing a good instrument.