• Catering

Tacos Leon has provided Authentic Mexican Catering for years. We pride ourselves in providing delicious quality food and the highest standards of customer service.

Try our special for 100 guests
- 3 Meats of your choice
- Rice & Beans
- Pico De Gallo/Chips
- 1"Side Order" (Choose between a Cool "Fresh" Water, Guacamole bowl, Taquitos, Hot Dogs, Quesadillas, or Nopales a la plancha)

All orders Include.....
- Salad Bar
(Onions, Radishes, lemons, Cilantro, Grilled Onions, Chiles Verdes, Cebollitas)
- 2 Salsas (Red, Green)
- Plates, Spoons/Forks, Napkins, Cups (If Applicable)

For info or to reserve your party call !