Tailored Maid (Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services)

  • Apartment Cleaning

Your floors will be cleaned
Your bathrooms and kitchen will have a hint of fresh
The fixtures and the stainless steel will shine
The carpet will have the soft just-vacuumed feel to it

That one stain your see everyday will be gone.
Counter tops, dishes, and....laundry Done!

Our clients love to tell us how amazing it is when they come home to a clean house.
They say walking through the door is one of the more surreal and pleasant moments of their day.

We provide a complete cleaning service Tailored to your needs.
Our goal is be give you a little burst joy at the end of a long day.

Please call us for more information. TailoredMaid.

We Do!
Vacuum / Sweep Floors
Dust Blinds
Dust Furniture
Polish Furniture
Clean Mirrors
Wet Mop Floors
Clean Stove and Oven
Clean Inside Windows
Clean Bed Linens Make Beds
Clean Bathroom Sink & Floors
Clean Bathtub / Shower
Clean Toilets
Garbage to Curb