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NOMADIC ICE CREAM ROLLS!!! First Thaland style ice cream rolls on the West coast, be sure to be a trendsetter for your next event or party!! Forget crazy flavors or over-the-top ice cream sandwiches, this years hottest dessert is a frozen treat that's made its way to AZ by way of Thailand.

Thai-style ice cream rolls have debuted at not one, but three shops in NYC and this is the FIRST EVER on the west coast!!! What exactly makes this chilled specialty different from your typical scoop? It's made to order, for one. Here's how it works: An ice cream base and your choice of add-ins are poured onto an anti-griddle, a metal plate that can get as cold as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, in Cold Stone-esque fashion, the staff chops and smashes the ingredients together with metal spatulas as they start to freeze. In just minutes, the cream firms up and it's spread into a thin layer.