The Canine Cottage! Dog boarding $25.00 per night

  • Pet Daycare & Boarding $25.00

We accept all sizes in a comfortable environment. Low volume,we only have 5 rooms available so your pet gets the attention it deserves including a minimium of 3 walks a day. Located on 2 1/2 wooded acres. Kennel spaces are large 5x18 and allow dogs to go in or outside as they please. We have 2 oversized dog doors that allow even the largest dog to pass through. We are true animal lovers and can assure your pet will be in good hands while you are away.

Licensed and insured. $25.00 per night. Being that this is a home based business we have pick up/ drop off times and have no availability outside of those hours. All pick-up / drop offs require an appointment to be made within our hours with at least a 24 hr notice. Just bring your pets food, proof of rabies, and bordetella "kennel cough" vaccinations, and any toys, beds, treats you want them to have during their stay. All dogs are given a complimentary peanut butter kong before bedtime if ok with owner.

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