• Resume Writing

With help from Darrell, I was hired promptly as a Manager, despite a brutal local economy in RI. Since he helped me find employment fast, I figured I would "Pay it Forward" and help you out.

Here's my actual Linkedin profile recommendation, "I was recommended to Darrell by a friend that had hired him to re-work his resume and was very pleased and spoke very highly of Darrell's efforts. Upon that recommendation, I contacted Darrell about my assisting me with re-writing my resume during a time in which I was looking to make a complete change in my career path. From the first phone call with Darrell to the final draft of my resume, he was a consummate professional and proved worthy of such a high recommendation. Not only were his resume writing skills extraordinary, but they were also effective, helping me land a job in a highly competitive job market. I strongly recommend Darrell to anyone looking to improve their resume as he will take the time to understand where you are coming from and where you are looking to go. Thank you again!"

Darrell has a ton of 100% transparent Linkedin recommendations from clients on the bottom of this profile. You should check them out too. Know that he isn't the cheapest writer around but his prices are still affordable for nearly any professional who wants to advance their career/earnings to the next level.