TIG welding service - aluminum stainless and mild steel

  • Auto Repair Services $40.00

A small start up Machining and welding shop offering fabrication and TIG/MIG weld repair services:
Cast aluminum and iron repairs
Intake manifolds (including velocity stacks),
Exhaust manifolds and piping,
Overflow and fuel tanks,
Roll cages,
Rim repair,
Simple body modifications,
Suspension parts welding repair/fabrication,
Brackets/frames/battery boxes,
Aluminum boat repair,
I can machine and turn small parts and also perform thread cutting, using manual mill and lathe (if business goes good I will buy a CNC).

General shop rate on welding and mechanical work is 40$ minimum or 40$ in hour, machining rates vary. Returning customers do get deals, everything I weld will USUALLY* come with a 30 day warranty on used parts/repairs. New parts i.e. fabricated 90 days to 6 month depending on the job,
Rim repair is 60$ per part and I DO NOT WARRANTY RIM REPAIRS (huge liability issue).