Tile installation by professional (Custom Bathroom)

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Hi, My story with tile installation began in 1986r, where I started construction education in School for 3 years,I was trained how to install a tile, how to avoid any problems,what kind materials are the best to use ,professional room measure ,we learned all building construction almost as engineer.

Ladies and Gentelmen in the process of costumise your bathroom is many surprises where non experience person will waste your money and time, PLEASE LET ME TAKE CARE OF IT. will take no more then 2 weeks to redone your bathroom I GUARANTEE... After I finished school i was working for 6 months for some Construction Company in Poland,after that 8 months in Austria Europe. I was ready to open my own company and this is what i do since for 26 years , thank you for your time and god bless."

For free estimate please call Jerzy (I don't hire people to do tile installation like general contractor's, I do this myself, thank you).