Tractor/backhoe work - small and large - $45/hr/$75/hr

  • Landscaping $45.00

I specialize in small to medium sized demolition as well as dirt work of all sorts including trenching, driveways/patio/slab grading, retaining walls, backyard ponds, rock placement, top soil, mulch and decorative gravel delivery and spreading. Doing a lot of juniper removal lately.

Modern, safe and reliable equipment using a robotic laser for leveling.
Can haul in or out with 6yd dump trailer.

No job too small. No problem working with property owner to control project costs. Satisfaction guaranteed. Insured. Very competitive.

Kubota BX-25 loader / backhoe - as low as $45/hr
- Fast, powerful, efficient diesel 4wd minimizes damage to your turf and sprinklers, easily fits through most backyard gates
- 4' wide, ¼ cu yard front bucket moves material fast
- 4' box scraper with scarifier teeth
- 4' finish mower
- 5' hydraulically angled front blade
- Backhoe digs down to 7½ feet with a 12" bucket
- Landscaping, backfilling, dirt spreading, arena and corral grooming, sprinkler manifold repair
- 1hr minimum, NO transport charges

Caterpillar 420D IT loader / backhoe - as low as $75/hr
- 4wd to get into and out of challenging work areas
- Remove stumps, rubble/trash, concrete and structure demolition
- 8' wide, 1.35 cu yard 4-in-1 bucket, lifts 6500lbs
- Backhoe digs 18 feet with 12" or 24" bucket
- Can crane up to 2500lbs to 19ft
- 2hr minimum, transport charges may apply

I can schedule evenings and weekends to accommodate your working schedule.
As you plan your next project, don't forget the Tractor Factor!

My name is Marc. Give me a call and I'll come out and give you an estimate, by the job or by the hour!