Tutoring - College Student - 1-on-1 sessions begin at $20/hr

  • Private Tutoring $20.00

USF Student -- Experienced tutor for a ton of classes!
Hey there (definitely you freshman!),

Summer Sessions go super quickly! Don't fall behind!
I am available 24/7, including late nights and weekends.

Subjects I can tutor:
Chemistry 1 + 2 + Labs, Organic Chemistry 1+ 2 + Labs, Biochemistry, Biology + Lab, Biology II + Lab, Statistics, Precalc with Algebra, Physics with Calc, Survey of Calculus, College Algebra, Physics, Physics II.

If you need help in a different course don't hesitate to ask, I'd be happy to connect you with another tutor in my network! 1-on-1 sessions begin at $20/hr but may vary based on the subject. Your first session will always be free :). I'd be happy to discuss discounts for multiple session packages as repeat customers are always the most enjoyable to work with.

Group Sessions are also available!
Call me so you can breeze through these summer classes!