Verucci Home Repair - Painting/Carpentry/Plumbing

  • General Contractors

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Services Available Include:

o Replacement of old/existing fixtures
o Installation of new fixtures
o Troubleshooting and repairing most all electrical issues

o Repair/replacement of existing plumbing fixtures
o Pipe repairs
o Sink replacements
o Shower valve repair/ replacement
o Dishwasher installations

o Installation of kitchen cabinets
o Siding
o Drywall
o Framing

o Touch ups
o Indoor
o Outdoor
o Cut outs

Additional Household Maintenance
o Cat5 and cable wire installation
o Annual Furnace service and tune ups
o HVAC troubleshooting and repair

Don't pay $200.00 per hour for a service call. Call one service and get it all!
Hours - 8AM to 4PM Monday through Saturday.