• Singing Lessons $60.00

Whether you have been singing for decades or just starting, I will teach you a proven method which will allow you to expand your range, power, and tonal quality and prevent or recover from vocal injuries.

I trained under celebrity vocal coach Roger Burnley in Hollywood, CA and have 30 years professional singing experience as a performer, recording artist, and session singer for many national and international ad campaigns.

I am currently offering a special rate of $60 per online lesson. Each lesson is 45 minutes long. We do the lessons online through a service like Skype which allows you to record a high quality video of the lesson.

Single in person lessons are $75 each.

This method is especially useful if you are suffering from vocal injuries. It has helped many heal from nodules and prevent the need for surgery. I will teach you how to sing in a way where you will no longer suffer vocal injuries and vocal fatigue.

If you want more information about the method you can check out rogerburnley.com but you must respond directly to this posting to receive this special price.

I guarantee you will experience notable changes in your vocal ability in your first session.
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