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* Never put off to tomorrow, what you can do today.
* Calmness. Factual data. A plan. Balance. Leave the panic at the curb. This is our advice in tough economic times.
* Stay Calm.

—‹ Tax prep fee includes tax and financial planning consultation with an Enrolled Agent, THE Tax Professional. Actual fee depends upon expertise and work required for your situation and your degree of organization. All qualifying returns will be filed electronically at no extra cost. No return will be filed or released until full payment is received and proper e-file forms are signed and "in our hands" and that's the IRS' rule.

:: We can help you search for more than 350 legal tax deductions & credits to make sure you receive maximum tax savings allowed by law.
:: Choose your tax preparer wisely. Don't let DIY errors cost you money.
:: EITC: Get it, and get it right (meaningful dollars for eligible workers)

* Your Personal & Small Biz Tax Pro/Accountant since 1982. Open year-round.
* File before March 25th - Get an Early Bird discount fee!
* Americans pay the taxes they owe, but not more...
* Most of all, we do care about your results... We're here to do whatever is in our clients' best interest...
* The earlier preparations are made, the better off the taxpayer will be. Although employers have until January 31 to provide workers with W-2 forms, there are many other preparations that can be made ahead of time. Taxpayers should begin to review the past year and see if they have made any major changes that could affect taxes. New jobs, marriage, children, and education are among the many changes that could lead to potential tax savings.
* Steve says: "The sooner a tax return is filed, the sooner a refund will be issued. Now is the time to begin gathering W-2 forms and other papers and consider bringing them to a professional tax preparer such as an Enrolled Agent."
* Foreign FBAR (FinCEN Form 114 - Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) mandatory reporting if aggregate foreign accounts over $10K) :: due April 15th!...
* Form 8938 w/ 1040 (Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets) mandatory reporting if aggregate foreign accounts over $50K) :: due April 15th!...
* Year round tax consulting & planning...
* We are social, reach out to us...
* Haven't Filed in a While? - We can Help!
* Present or Past Due Returns - Our Specialty!
* Anyone off the EZ-form ($100K income), should see an Accountant who knows the loopholes! Your tax savings will be money in the bank!
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