• Auto Repair Services $400.00

DipYourCar Authorized Installer - Plasti-Dip

Liquid Wraps is our name and that's what we do. Think of it as a performance enhanced protective coating that is applied to the clear coat of your car. It's just not vinyl. It's actually sprayed onto the vehicle. Your options for colors are endless. This not only protects the topcoat of your vehicle but lets one change the color of it to their preference.

For years, experts and scientists have researched whether or not the color of your vehicle might say something about who you are. Color tends to make a statement about how we want other people to view us. Well, now you can and with a 48 hour turn around.

You might see people willing to "dip" your vehicle for $400.00. The biggest misconception about plasti-dip is that you must DO-IT-RIGHT. It does fade over time and it will chip and peel. If you get a $400.00 plastidip guy to drive to your house, you'll be picking at it to get it off for over two days.

MORE coats = MORE durability and ability to peel it off when you're ready to change the look or go back to its original color. 50% of people come to me begging and pleading for me to take these jobs off and have it done right. Don't be a victim. Watch some videos on dipyourcar.com or better yet, give Liquid Wraps, L.L.C. a call and change the color the right way.