WXF-CHEAP Personal Training with Guaranteed Rapid Results

  • Personal Trainers $30.00

I have studied martial arts all my life. ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Professional MMA fighter. I offer 59 minute sessions 6 days a week for only $30 each session. New Rate for All ages but specialize in training adults over age 30 that need one on one attention and are seriously committed to a change.

Yes...Fee is just $30 per session, I realize times are tight and normally charge $40. Suggest at least 2 sessions a week. The workout is very intense including Crossfit, Cardio, Lifting, HIIT, Isometrics and Plyometrics. You will also learn Chijutsudo which is a combination of Wing Chun, Jujutsu and Kickboxing. Be aware my program comes with little breaks and are not for the faint. You will sweat like you never have before. I call the total package "BeachFitness101" or WXF! I will also offer nutritional recommendations to help assist you in reaching your goal.

If you prefer I will come to your home if you have a fitness facility for $40 per session or you can come to 1 of my 3 fitness facilities. Two of them are out in town or one is where I have a personal gym studio at my home. Only Hampton / Newport News side of the tunnel if I come to you because I have to travel and bring my gear.

So when you are ready to make a permanent change in your life, take a look in the mirror and say goodbye to the old version of you...contact me. Thanks. Hope to see you soon! :)