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Backyard design: easy inspirations for a charming landscape

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Do you want to change something about your backyard to improve your landscape and make this area of your property comfy, functional, inviting and put together at the same time? Get inspired by these backyard design ideas and try to implement a few of them to transform the space around your house in a very special way.

15 backyard design ideas for your backyard makeover

  1. Family fire pit. Enjoy the sizzling fire, natural aromas and your family’s company while sitting around a stone fire pit surrounded by plenty of seating. Clever landscaping solution – use local rocks to blend the feature in with the rest of the landscape, leave some space under the benches for log storage, and, if the budget allows, build the speakers inside the stone bench walls.
  2. Shed upgrade. Remove all the clutter that’s been sitting in your backyard shed for ages and let the remodeling contractors turn it into a home office, an entertainment studio or a comfortable guest house to host your friends and family on their getaway.
  3. Feeling a bit crafty? Make a wonderful, inexpensive set of outdoor furniture for your patio or wooden deck out of shipping pallets. A pallet base, a bunch of upcycled pillows, an old mattress in a new, pretty cover or a few set pads in floral covers turn into a comfy outdoor pallet sofa, while just a couple of stained pallets stacked on top of each other make an awesome rustic coffee table. Amazing for the outside, but totally appropriate for the inside as well.
  4. A wood-based succulent wall will make an awesome transition between your patio and the rest of the backyard. Use the pots to plant seasonal flowers or even a tiny vegetable/herb garden if you feel like succulents aren’t your thing.
  5. Arrange a hammock setup for lazy evenings and mid-day naps. Find two perfect trees creating a nice shade, hang a hammock in between, decorate the area above it with warm lights, bring some snacks and swing cuddled up under a soft blanket.
  6. Organized hardscape. Stone backyard designs with raised flowerbeds, lawn areas, stacked stone retaining walls, wooden decks, patio areas with outdoor furniture set up around an outdoor fireplace, walkways made of stepping and river stones for an exquisite look is the professional landscaping contractor’s creation that’s worth admiring.
  7. Separate your formal backyard from a laid-back garden using an elegant arbor fence. Decorate the arbor with hanging flower pots, string lights or faux greenery for a natural romantic appeal.
  8. Look through the clutter in your shed to find a couple of old tin cans, paint them in your favorite colors, make a good amount of holes in them to end up with the soft glow lanterns to hang on your fence or pop onto the porch railing.
  9. Attach an old coat rack to the porch railing so that you have a designated place for wet towels, bathing suits and blankets in your backyard.
  10. Have a small backyard? Cheat by employing vertical space and keep it as simple and opened as possible not to feel crumbled up in tight quarters. Raised flower beds and vegetable gardens, fence planters, minimalist patio with a stone walkway leading to a tiny pond surrounded by a couple of water plants – this is the way to create a charming landscape in place of a small backyard area.
  11. Ensure some privacy from your neighbors and create a pretty backdrop for your favorite outdoor flowers by building a fence.
  12. Repurpose a big metal or wooden lantern into a deck terrarium. All you need to do is to fill its bottom with dirt, decorate with stones and marbles and plant a couple of succulents – different kinds, shapes and colors may be arranged into an exquisite setup.
  13. Make you garden pond dream come true even if you have zero space for it in your backyard. Use these DIY deck-top pond instructions to build a tiny wooden pond sustained by a small fountain pump.
  14. A new concept of the traditional American lawn. With the severe droughts, water conservation awareness, significant concerns regarding the influence of pesticides, fertilizers and lawn movers on our environment, landscaping contractors seem to walk away from traditional high-maintenance lawns and offer the homeowners to opt for lawn-like alternatives. Drought-withstanding grass mixes that don’t require mowing or mixes of short meadow grasses and wild flowers that need minimum watering, faux grass patio/playground covers, gravel and shrub landscapes are among the recent backyard design trends you might want to catch up with in 2017.
  15. Attach a giant chalkboard to your fence to give your kids draw freely without running your patio or walkways.alpine-cornflower-3431590_1920

Let me know which of these backyard design ideas did you like the most? Which ones would you like to implement? Need some help with that? Leave a request for landscaping and outdoor contractors on HireRush.com to give your backyard area a refreshing makeover.

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