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List of Essential Hair Salon Equipment

Hair salon equipment

Hair salons have always been a profitable business among all social groups. And having a hair salon today can also help you earn the living. Of course, as any start-up idea, before you start acting, it’s essential to draw a business plan, calculate your expenses and possible profits for the first year. Don’t forget to also research the market to understand the latest trends and the best location for your business.

Once all these stages are complete, the time to furnish and equip your hair salon comes. Exactly at this stage, many hair stylists get lost because there are so many pieces of hair salon equipment, that it can be complicated to differentiate between the essential and the accessory items. Below you can find the basic pieces for a small hair salon that offers all kinds of hairdressing services. Keep in mind that the list we offer you below is a mere suggestion because hair salon equipment always depends on the types of procedures and services you will be offering.


Hair styling chairs

Hair styling chairs are the most basic and essential piece of hair salon equipment. It’s always better to purchase chairs of the same style and color for the whole salon to get a unified interior design. Hair styling chairs vary in colors and models. The only thing to remember is that they must have a mechanism that allows to put them higher or lower, and that has a flexible back. While décor matters a lot, functionality should always be your priority.

Average price of a new chair: from $120 per piece

Average price of a used chair: from $40 per piece




Hair steamers/hair processors

These pieces of hair salon equipment are required during deep conditioning treatments or after head massages and color treatments. Head steamers and hair processors additionally moisture the hair and keep it healthier. Always try to opt for equipment with different temperature settings and time limiting mechanism. Due to the wideness of hair styling market, you will be able to find steamers and processors in all pricing categories.

Average price of a hair steamer/processor: between $55 and $75


Shampoo bowls

A shampoo bowl is a sink specifically designed for hair washing and conditioning. Depending on the size of your hair salon, you can go for a different number of shampoo bowls. The perfect proportion is one shampoo bowl per 2-3 hair styling chairs.

Minimal price of a shampoo bowl: $120

shampoo bowl

Carts and trolleys

Carts and trolleys are not essential for a hair stylist, yet it is a very useful piece of hair salon equipment. Hair stylists always move around the client and so need to have their tools on hand at all times. Carts and trolleys significantly simplify the working process for the experts.

Carts and trolleys can cost very little if you don’t look for special carts and trolleys for a hair salon, but go to IKEA, for instance, and get these pieces of furniture there.


Hair styling station

A hair styling station is another must-have piece of hair salon equipment. It should always include at least a mirror with lamps, an electrical outlet, and a shelf or a table where the hairdresser will put the instruments. An ideal version of a hair styling station can also include several storage drawers and a separate tool compartment(s)/holders. This kind of furniture can be both purchased in a store and made specifically for your working area.

The price of a styling station varies a lot depending on the number of drawers and units assembly. If your budget for the hair salon is limited, then it’s highly advised to look for used options.



Reception desk and waiting area

A reception desk is not an essential element of hair salon equipment but it adds a lot of status to a hair salon. When clients come to the salon, this will be the first thing they see. If you can afford a reception desk, then don’t hesitate to install it.

The waiting area for clients is a must-have! There is no such thing as to-the-minute attendance in hair salons, so it’s essential that they feel comfortable waiting for you in the meantime. At least put several chairs and a small counter with magazines. If possible, add also a cooler with water for sunny days.


Hood dryers

This dome-shaped apparatus is used for setting and drying hair. In the beginning, you don’t need to buy many hood dryers (also known as bonnet hood dryers), one will be enough for your hair salon. If your budget is limited at the start, you can easily set up your hair salon business without it. Yet if you can buy a hood dryer, then it will be a valuable asset because it offers an equal amount of heat for drying hair and, as a result, offers better efficiency than traditional blow dryers.


hood dryer


Very often people planning to open a hair salon consider other hair salon equipment, such as hair brushes, combs, scissors, dryers, dye bowls, towels, collars, etc. The purchase of these items depends on the kind of hair salon you are planning to open. If you are just renting the “chairs” for individual hair stylists, then you don’t need to bother about any of these items. If you plan to hire hair stylists and deal with salaries, HR, supplies, etc. then you definitely need to take care of these things. However, before getting all this hair salon equipment, inquire if your potential employee needs any of it; many hairdressers have their own scissors and brushes.

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    This article is incredibly helpful for anyone starting a hair salon. I recently launched my business in Nevada, and this guide on essential equipment is a great resource. It covers all the basics, from hair styling chairs to shampoo bowls and hair steamers. The emphasis on functionality and budget-friendly options is particularly useful. Thanks for providing such a comprehensive list, it’s making the setup process much smoother!


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