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Home hair lamination: stages and methods

hair lamination cover

Regardless of the style and opinion you have about beauty standards, there are still things that we all care about. Hair is one of the main elements of a woman’s beauty, so particular attention and care are needed. Today you will learn the basics of hair lamination and understand how to perform it at home.

Hair lamination is a special coating method that is used to return the damaged hair its former strength and energy. A special composition is made to envelop every hair and preserve its current position avoiding any further damage. Hair lamination offers a protective cover for your hair to preserve its beauty and healthy appearance for a long time.

woman with hair lamination

There are two ways to laminate your hair: at home or at a hair stylists salon. A lot of women opt for the second option, at least in the beginning. This is a great way to begin doing this procedure and to understand all its particular features. But what can you do if there is no hair stylist available and you urgently need to look stunning? There are several options on how to laminate your hair at home without pro help. Yet, before we talk about the most common of them, let’s have a look at a step-by-step guide on how to laminate your hair (regardless of the method).

8 steps of hair lamination at home

  1. Comb the hair very carefully and attentively.
  2. Thoroughly wash the hair (never perform hair lamination on dirty hair). Professional hair stylists advise purchasing special shampoo for deep cleansing of strands. However, if you don’t have one, just wash the hair 2-3 times and carefully rinse the shampoo off the hair.
  3. If you need to use a balm or conditioner, ensure to rinse it off.
  4. Next, dry the hair with a towel. It should be a little wet, but without dripping water.
  5. Now take the laminating agent and carefully apply it to the hair. Avoid the agent getting on the scalp because it can cause itching, burning, and subsequent peeling as well as an allergic reaction as a follow-up. Leave 3-5 centimeters from the roots untouched.
  6. The next step depends on the hair lamination method you choose. It can be either heating or wrapping the head in a plastic bag.
  7. Depending on the method and agent the time of the procedure may vary. Yet, at the end, you need to gently wash off the mixture and ensure that you don’t let it get on your head skin.
  8. It’s important to let your hair dry up naturally. Don’t use a hairdryer!

beautiful girl

Now you know the basic steps of the hair lamination process. So it’s time to get into the main home remedies that you can go for. Each of them requires a separate article. However, we have compiled a shortcut with the essential information about each of them.

Method number 1: Gelatin

Gelatin hair lamination is one of the most popular methods due to its availability. It requires only gelatin, water, and some hair mask for preparation. Gelatin in its nature is a natural protein that contains collagen. It helps hair get thicker and bushier after several procedures.

For gelatin hair lamination to work you will need to perform at least three procedures in a row. Each procedure should happen on the day that you usually wash your hair (whether it’s three times a week or one). The whole procedure takes about 40-50 minutes.

Method number 2: Coconut milk

Coconut milk is used as a substitute for gelatin. Most home remedies for hair straightening procedures include coconut milk, so no wonder it is common for hair lamination. The milk also contains a large number of proteins which provides good nutrition for hair and strengthens it.

There most common recipe for coconut milk hair lamination is as follows; you need to take coconut milk, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and potato/corn starch. Then combine these ingredients to receive a mixture that looks like a natural mask. It should be applied to wet hair for 1-1,5 hours. Wash your hair as usual after the procedure.

Method number 3: Kefir

Kefir hair lamination is less popular, even though it’s affordable and easy in preparation (easier than masks based on coconut milk). To make it you will need kefir, an egg, castor oil, and some mayonnaise. All you need is mix it all together and apply to the hair. In this case, if the mask gets on your scalp, you don’t need to worry; this kind of hair lamination is danger- and pain-free. You need to keep this kefir based hair lamination for half an hour to reach the desired effect. After the procedure, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.

If you know any other hair lamination methods for home preparation, share them in comments!

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