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Day and night tips for crochet braids maintenance

crochet braids maintenance

Crochet braids won their spot under the sun last summer and they still remain on top of the world among fashionistas. Girls and boys fell for this hairstyle and now simply can’t get over it!

People adore crochet braids because they are simple to handle and pretty cheap, which is also an advantage! If you don’t know, crochet braiding, in general, is a technique of hair extensions installation. Crochet braids come in all kinds of colors and length like a wig, but look much more natural. Whether you want to get tight curly bulk hair and light waves for a night out, crochet braids can do that.

Unfortunately, even though more and more people go for this kind of hair extension, most of them don’t know proper care techniques. As a result, people complain about falling out hair or an itching head. We decided to help you understand what crochet braids maintenance is about and how to handle it at home.

Crochet braids maintenance: washing

In terms of washing, crochet braids maintenance is debatable. This is pretty much the only topic that leaves people wondering which theory to accept. However, we collected several universal points to help you understand better how crochet braid maintenance works in this respect.

woman with crochet braids

The most important fact to remember about washing crochet braids is that it’s a process different from regular hair washing. If you try doing the usual ritual, you risk loosening the knots and so losing the whole hairstyle. Of course, some people just neglect such crochet braids maintenance routine as washing them. But we are not adepts of this approach, and below offer you the simplest guide to washing your new hairstyle:

  1. Mix water with shampoo in a spray bottle and spray the mixture on your scalp.
  2. Do the regular massaging movements on your scalp to wash your own hair. The important point is that you need to wash your natural hair, not the crochets, so be careful with it! Some hairstyle artists also say that you can gently wash the extension hair, but there is no much need in it.
  3. Once you see the foam coming from under your fingers, gently rinse out the mixture from your scalp. And at the same time make sure to rinse any excessive shampoo from the crochet braids.
  4. In terms of conditioner – we wouldn’t advise anything. Usually conditioner is applied to simplify brushing your hair after washing. If you are not planning to take the crochet braids off, then there is no need in applying the conditioner. You will only have hard time rinsing it out and on top of that higher risk of loosing the knots.
  5. The important point is to moisturize your own skin and hair roots with some oily substance (it depends on what you are used to). This is a must-do element of crochet braids maintenance.

From all the information you’ve just read you need to remember that the focus in washing your hair under the crochet braids should be on your scalp and not the added hair. Yes, some types of these hair extensions (usually the more expensive ones) can be washed and moisturized, but it’s only your personal preference, not a rule.

After the washing part of crochet braids maintenance is complete, make sure that you thoroughly dry both your natural and fake hair. Should you neglect this vital step, you risk having problems with mildew that will form in your own hair. Generally, crochet braids require no more than one washing per two weeks. But this is the case with only hair extensions, not your own hair.

Summing up all the above, your own hair should be washed as usual but with the focus on scalp; crochet braids maintenance includes only one washing procedure every two weeks.

Crochet braids maintenance: daily routine

There are basically no specific rules for crochet braids maintenance during the day. Remember that you can’t brush them as your own hair because the knots may go loose. Keep the head skin moisturized, but not overdo this due to the same reasons. For crochet braids maintenance you can choose aloe vera water or leave-in conditioner as additional moisturizing elements.

man with crochet braids

Crochet braids maintenance: night care

Crochet braids visually resemble natural hair, yet they get tangled much easier than you could have expected! As a result, your perfect hairdo in the morning might look messy and unpleasant. Here are a few things that will help you keep the hair in order:

  • Put crochet braids into sections. To do so carefully detangle your hair from ends to roots with fingers only. And don’t push it should any tangling occur! Otherwise, you risk losing the section completely. Gently work your way through the hair. If the knots get too intertwined, use special hair oil for untangling. Should the process go too hard and close to impossible, just cut out this piece of artificial hair and continue.
  • Keep the curls. To do so you need to gently create a two strand twist for each section. Note that you don’t need to apply any more product because the current condition of your hair will preserve the curl. How many twists to create? Well, it’s up to you and your hairstyle. Hair stylists advise doing between four and eight medium twists. Should you have more hair, it’s better to enlarge the size of twists than their quantity.
  • Secure the curls. To secure the curls you can use a satin scarf or a satin bonnet. Just put any of them on your head and tie them to “immobilize” the curls for the night.

In the morning, very carefully unravel each twist. To prevent further tangling, ensure that the end of every twist is completely separated.

For those who have perm rods, you might experience troubles following the above written manual. So for perm rod crochet braids maintenance you need to gather the whole hair upwards into a so-called pineapple, and then wrap a satin scarf around the head. In the morning just take everything down, shake, and go!

hair in a scarf

Crochet braids maintenance: when to say goodbye

The average time women have their crochet braids is about four weeks. However, you can find individuals that wear this hairstyle for as much as eight weeks. The removal time comes when you decide to, but no much further than eight weeks. Professional hairstylists explain that the period of such artificial hair service depends on the quality of materials you use and the crochet braids maintenance you preserve.

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