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4 tips on how to make your hair wavy

how to make your hair wavy cover

Every woman always wants to look perfect, especially on holidays. For many people Christmas is a family holiday, so this is a great way to show off what you’ve achieved over the year. This is why it is so important to look stunning on a family Christmas dinner. In terms of dress it’s pretty hard to give advice because every woman has her clothes preferences and body peculiarities. Makeup is also a matter of taste, but hairstyle is something that unites celebrities and ordinary women together.

How to make your hair wavy? This is the question addressed in this article. You will learn about several easy ways to make perfect Hollywood, beach, and a little messy curls without spending much time on your hair this holiday. So read on and learn how to make your hair wavy fast and almost effortless.

Spiral waves

Spiral waves are one of those answers to “how to make your hair look wavy and stunning” that will work for any woman regardless of her hair length, body type, and form of the face. For this hairstyle you only need a large barrel curling iron. You need to separate your hair into medium sections. Take one section and wrap it around the iron. Make sure that you’re wrapping the hair “to the back” from your face. In this way curls won’t get into your face once you’re done. When releasing the iron put it up and outward. In this way you won’t break the curl’s form. Don’t try getting your hair wavy from the roots in this way, ¾ of the natural length is good enough. After you curl all hair sections, spray everything with some hair spray and only then finger comb your hair to make the hairstyle look more natural.

spiral waves

Beach waves

To get easy beach waves done you’ll need the power of setting spray and a medium or small barrel curling iron. First wash your hair and dry it up completely. Then take one section of hair, apply setting spray on it and without waiting for it to dry out, wrap it around the iron away from the face. After you loosen each curl from the iron, use your fingers to comb the sections separately and then apply the spray again. To get more natural look you can also use regular flat iron to straighten up the ends. As an alternative you can also simply not curl the hair ends from the beginning or just wait until they uncurl on their own. Beach waves are one of those answers to how to make your hair wavy for easy and effective fixes.

beach curls

Flat iron twist

Getting curly hair with flat iron twist is probably the fastest and easiest fix for a hairstyle for busy women according to professional hair stylists. If you’ve being cooking all day and had no time to get to the hairdresser’s, then it’s your best option! All you need is wash your hair and dry it with mousse. Then separate your hair into 2-4 sections, depending on the thickness of your hair, and then twist one section very tight. Take the flat iron and go over the chosen section from top to bottom several times. Don’t stop at one part of the section for too long because it will damage your hair. So heat each part of the section lightly but several times. Then all you need is release the section and fix it with the spray. After you repeat the drill on all of your hair, you can finger comb the hairstyle if you’re going to your guests right that minute. If you still have half an hour in your pocket, just leave everything as it is. This answer to the question how to make your hair wavy is just perfect for women who don’t like spending much time with the mirror, but willing to look beautiful on a holiday night!

flat iron curls

Braids and curls

There are two ways to get curls out of braids. The first one is the traditional one: you wash hair in the evening, then apply mousse and let the hair get almost dry (regardless whether you use hair dryer or let it dry naturally). Once the hair is almost dry you plait braids and let them be for the night and more. Then you simply unplait the braids, spruce everything with the hair spray and you’re done. This option is great if you don’t want to spend much time on the Christmas day to get perfect curls.

braids to curls

The second option with the issue of how to make your hair wavy is much faster and a lot easier. Here you only need to have clean and dry hair, preferably with some mousse applied beforehand. All you do is plait very loose braids, take the flat iron and just as in the previous method go over the length of your hair back and forth. Then you unplait the braids and fix the hairstyle with the spray. The important difference between the previous hairstyle and this one lies in the fact that here you don’t need to loosen up the curls with your fingers because they already look loosened and natural.

Now you know fours easy tips that help you answer the question how to make your hair wavy this Christmas. Forget about sleeping with hair rollers and not having enough rest before the important day. Get your hairstyle look beautiful and natural in no time before the Christmas dinner!

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