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New Year outfit for couples that will amaze everyone


The New Year’s Eve is the time when most of us think back and review our actions and achievements in the year about to end. We also look forward to the next year and make plans for the future. We want to leave all bad things behind and start the new year a better person, both inside and outside. Apart from many other things, it also means that we want to head into the new year dressed in style. Both men and women want to impress people around them by their outfit on New Year’s Eve. If the party you are going to attend is something extremely important, such as a corporate event that may affect your career, you may consider getting advice of a professional stylist. They have the expertise in choosing the most fashionable and fitting attire based on many factors. If you are going to select your outfit yourself, though, here are a few ideas. We hope that any couple will find them interesting.

1. Smart outfit

The first option is to wear smart clothes when the party is quite formal and requires some kind of a dress code. You have no choice but follow it. Even in this case, however, some variations are possible.


A black tie outfit is probably the most appropriate and stylish attire. If you need to know exactly what that outfit looks like, search for several classic movies. For example, find Casino Royale where 007 is dressed in an elegant tuxedo. You don’t have to copy him by the letter, though. Just try a black or navy suit with a white shirt plus dark colored classic shoes. As an alternative, go for a suit with a pattern. It should not be something totally eccentric of course, but something that will get people looking at you with interest. For instance, buy a checked cotton twill suit.

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Ladies could wear a ball gown as one of the New Year outfit options. The New Year’s Eve is a special occasion, and every woman wants to feel and look special at the party. A ball gown will help you achieve that goal. A beautiful strapless gown is never out of fashion and makes a true princess out of any lady. Another idea is to wear a classic little black dress. It must certainly be a good fit for your personality and you should feel comfortable in it. To complete the picture, you may put on some bright red lipstick.


2. Casual outfit

On the other end of the scale is a casual outfit. Perhaps, you’ve decided to spend the New Year’s Eve in a downtown club or at your friends’ place. There is no need to dress formally. You are free to put on anything you want.


Trousers that are neither too smart nor too casual are perfect for the occasion. You can also put on your favorite T-shirt with a jumper over it. Another option is to wear light colored jeans. That could be supplemented with a dark sweater or a dark shirt with a collar that you can tuck in. Finally, why not choose trousers with a waistband? This kind of trousers will let you feel comfortable throughout the evening. This version of outfit also includes a polo and blazer. As for the footwear, consider wearing a pair of sneakers or loafers.

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Ladies can put on a pair of light trendy distressed jeans along with a luxurious-looking velvet jacket. Denim and velvet – exquisite combination. Instead of a velvet jacket, you can wear a light sparkly cowl neck sweater. Change the jeans from light to dark (e.g., dark blue), and put a pair of shimmer pumps on your feet. That is probably the best option for your New Year’s Eve home party outfit.

casual outfit: jeans

3. Golden mean

There is one more idea for you. You may not actually know if you are restricted in your choice of clothes or not. In this case, you can go for something in the middle between casual and smart outfits.


A knitted jumper is a way to make everyone content. To make a good ensemble, put on a pair of dark jeans. Apart from that, a turtleneck jumper along with some casual trousers will also serve as a casual-smart bridge. The final part of this outfit is a pair of trainers or loafers. Remember, though, that you should never tuck in the turtleneck.

warm clothes men


Choose one color however bold it may seem to you, from bright orange to dark blue, for one half of your outfit (skirt or dress). The other part of the attire should be of a different, quieter color like white or black. When you decide to dress like that, it shows that you are daring and are not afraid of experimenting.


Selecting the right outfit for the New Year’s Eve party is very important. It will give you and your partner a chance to become the center of attention, boost your self-confidence, and help you look to the new year with a greater enthusiasm. While a personal stylist can easily make you look like a royal couple before the festive evening, you may also find helpful some of the ideas we have outlined above.

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