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Not wanted! 5 ways to get rid of mice in house


Did you hear some scratching inside your walls and saw biting marks on them? Did you notice small seed-shaped droppings along the trim? Did you see a tiny squeaky guest peeking out of the hole of your house wall or running through the house to get something to eat? Did you not like it? Well, only a few people would. Having mice in the house doesn’t only provide you with a good share of jump scares, but also may impose serious health issues on people, who live in it. And, as rodents are escaping their natural habitats to find warmer homes for winter, the mouse problem arises with the new force.

According to the Centers’ for Disease Control and Prevention report, mice, apart from being carriers and transmitters of various dreadful illnesses, including plague, salmonellosis, tularemia, leprosy and hemorrhagic diseases, also spread quite harmful bacteria, which gets to humans through their droppings and fur.

Just think about where that mouse had been before it got to your house, crawled on your floors, tables, maybe even beds,  and started it little, but speedily growing family. Besides, they may have lice, mites, fleas and all the good stuff that brings another load of bacteria and disease into your house. Finally, can you imagine what will happen if that mouse dies inside its mink in your wall? Yuck!

However, as we all know from the good old cartoon, mice aren’t that stupid to be caught in a mousetrap. Once they get into your house, they may easily determine major sources of food. Thus, in most cases, they won’t be lured by a single piece of cheese people leave for them in a trap once they finally determine the roots mice use to travel through their hoses without being noticed.

At the same time, killing one mouse is almost like killing one cockroach at a time and hoping they’ll be gone. If those creatures find the road to your home, you need to take a complex of various exterminating and preventing measures in order to get rid of them.

So, if you don’t want your mice to laugh at you as you go crazy hearing them scratch inside the walls or try to lure them during the night, use these guidelines to learn how to get rid of mice for good.

Ways to get rid of mice in house

1. Using traps, baits and repellent sprays

These are probably the first options people go for trying to get rid of mice in their homes. However, even the most efficient poisons and traps won’t work if you don’t figure out the routes mice use to crawl around your house and make sure that they don’t have any access to food sources. Besides, these repellents won’t prevent mice from entering your home.

Besides, most people note that these mice exterminating means are quite inhuman, as they often make rodents suffer for a couple of hours, if not days, before they die.

In addition to that, if you have any pets, who walk freely around your house, you definitely can’t use poisonous luring baits to kill mice, as your pets might eat it as well. Most likely, bigger animals won’t die because of that, but they’ll definitely suffer from major poisoning, which might also affect their nervous system and cause significant health issues. The same applies to crawling babies and toddlers, who tend to pick up everything off the floor and stuff it in their mouths.

So, be extremely cautious with baits if you decide to use them.

2. DIY natural poison-free ways to get rid of mice

People, who don’t like the idea of using poisonous baits, may prefer these natural methods of getting rid of mice in house.

If you’re one of them, try deterring mice by spreading cotton balls sprinkled with essential oils all over the house, ‘hiring’ cats, who’ll catch them all mouse by mouse and whose smell will scare the rodents away, making their own deterrent sprays out of habaneros, pepper flakes and water, etc.

But again, these means might help to get rid of the mice, which already live in your house, but not to ensure that new ones don’t get in.

3. Ultrasonic sound devices

These will kick the existing mice out of your house and prevent the invasion of those, who’d like to share a home with you. These gadgets produce special sounds, which put rodents into severe stress and make them leave the space. Those sounds will make your house not attractive to rodents (mice included) as well.

No one dies, but no one lives with mice at the same time. The only downside to those devices is that they’re not quite affordable. And, you’ll have to buy a couple of them to make your entire house mice-proof.

The areas I’d recommend using them in is sheds and garages.

4. Hiring exterminators

If you’re losing the fight against mice in your house, it’s better to call upon your professional allies – pest control and extermination services. Go to HireRush.com to post a mice extermination task to get matched with the most suitable local exterminators and forget about mice at your home.

Pest control services are definitely your best and most effective option, especially if you know that mice live in your house walls.

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5. Prevention is the best protection

I’d like to stress once again that preventing new mice from entering your house is even more important than getting rid of the ones that already live there. And, it’s a lot harder as well.

You need to examine your house for various miniature cracks/holes in walls, windows, roofs, doors, etc. to determine potential ‘mice entryways’ and fix or seal those shut.

You have to clean up your yard to make sure that mice aren’t attracted to piles of leaves and debris they like to live in, bags of birdseed they love, etc. The holes in drywall and house siding must be repaired as well. Let your exterminator do that for you or hire a handyman to conduct throughout examination and repairs.

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