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Home remodeling on a budget: 12 ideas under $1000


Homeowners may want to remodel their houses for a number of reasons. For example, they may be planning to sell their house and by renovating it, hope to increase its market price. They may also wish to improve the interior of their home in order to make it more presentable to guests. Or, they simply want their house to be more comfortable and pleasing to their own eyes. However, not all homeowners can boast a lavish budget to install expensive hardwood flooring in the living-room or have granite countertops in the kitchen. Fortunately, it’s quite possible to renovate a house or apartment on a shoestring budget by making “spot” modifications. Here are a few home remodeling ideas under $1000.

Living room

Paint the walls

Over the years, the walls in your living-room may have ceased to look as aesthetically attractive and stylish as they used to. One of the most frequently performed home remodeling projects is painting walls. For just a hundred dollars or so you have a whole range of options to choose from. You may have never done this kind of work before, but it’s actually not that hard and one weekend will suffice to get you painting almost like a true professional. The best part: you’ll have to pay no more than $160 for the required materials.

wall painting

Install a ceiling fan

This is another quite inexpensive home remodeling idea. While an air conditioner is considered to be the best way to maintain a comfortable temperature inside a home, ceiling fans have their own advantages. The principal one is the money you save on electricity all year round. On hot summer days, a ceiling fan is an effective way to cool the air in your room. When it’s cold outside, on the other hand, it can be used to distribute heat. Mounting a fan on the ceiling is quite straightforward as you can make use of the wiring from the light fixture. The cost of the project normally amounts to $160 or a little more.

Hang inner shutters

Of course, you could install window shades to block the sunlight and give your home more privacy. However, wood shutters are a much more appealing home remodeling decision, adding a historical touch to your place as they were an integral part of any home in the Southern states over the past couple of centuries. Apart from their basic functions, swinging inner shutters can serve as a protective shield from harsh winter winds, especially when combined with drapes. Installing inner shutters is not complicated and can even be done as a DIY project. Prepare to spend around $200.

Make your sofa new again

Some furniture items are more frequently used than others, and thus are more susceptible to tear and wear however good their quality is. One of such pieces is a sofa. Consider replacing the upholstery on your old faithful sofa that has seen several generations of owners. Like painting walls, you have a host of options when it comes to selecting a fabric for the sofa. You can pick almost any color or design. We recommend hiring a professional for the job. As an example, reupholstering a French provincial sofa may cost you around $950.



Refinish the cabinets

If you wince every time you look at your dark and grimy kitchen cabinets that have known a better life, it’s time you do something about it. Contrary to what many people say, refinishing kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be an expensive project. Prepare to spend $200 and your time.


Give your plates and cups a new dishwasher and save money

One of the ways to save on your water bill is to wash your spoons, forks, plates, and cups using a modern Energy Star dishwasher. That way, your water consumption will reduce up to half a thousand gallons per year. So, if you’re still cleaning your crockery and cutlery by hand or have an outdated dishwasher that devours your electricity by the megawatt, consider investing something like $450 in a new plate-cleaning machine. You won’t regret it.

Install rollouts

The beauty of using rollouts in your kitchen cabinets is that they allow you to quickly reach items buried in their depth of depths. Some people prefer making rollouts with their own hands, but most simply purchase them. They are quite cheap, costing in the range $50-$90, and are installed by simply attaching them to the cabinets using a screwdriver and screws. Important tip: make sure you take all the measurements correctly, remembering the door that needs to close and hinges that may create an obstacle for a rollout to fit in. In case you are not sure if you can measure and install the rollouts properly, turn to professionals.

Prevent water from getting onto a kitchen wall with a new backsplash

A tile backsplash is not something every homeowner can afford. There is a good alternative for a home remodeling project, though: a backsplash that consists of one sheet of material with a hard surface (about $30 a square foot). Anyone without prior experience can easily measure, cut, and stick that sheet to a kitchen wall with glue. The entire process will take a day or two. The material is easy to clean and comes in a multitude of designs and colors.


Spend more on a granite vanity top

What homeowner doesn’t want to have granite in their bathroom? It’s a solid material that adds a considerable value to the entire house. The times when granite was only a dream for a mere mortal are over. Now for just around $250 you can purchase a bathroom vanity with a granite top. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

vanity top

Install a fan in the bathroom

A fan in the bathroom is a valuable thing. One of its principal functions is to remove the maximum amount of moisture from the air in the room. Thus, with a fan, you see your face in the mirror once you step out of the bathtub. More importantly, though, a fan is a powerful fighter against harmful mold and mildew that thrive under moist conditions. To install a fan, you will probably need a contractor, but it’s well worth it. On average, prepare to pay in the range $250 – $550 if you decide to use a professional service.

Opt for glass instead of tile

Having tile walls in a bathroom is no longer chic. A far more aesthetic and practical approach to the bathroom part of the home remodeling process is to install glass panels. A glass wall cleans easily and has no grout issue, in contrast to tiles. In addition, transparent glass is not a single option. You can also purchase its colored variety, although it will cost you more. The lower-end glass panels are sold at around $750.

glass wall

Replace old caulk around the tub

Caulk in the bathroom can’t serve for ages. Its condition slowly deteriorates as the water takes its toll. If you’ve noticed that the caulking lines around the bathtub have cracked, act quickly. Not only will you find water under the tub every time you wash. There can be more unpleasant consequences: mold and mildew will appear. So, replace the old caulk with fresh. Caulk is very cheap: around $15 per bottle.

Home remodeling can increase the value of your property and make your place more comfortable and attractive from the aesthetic point of view. If you are on a low budget, we hope the ideas we’ve suggested above will help you renovate your home cheaply and efficiently.

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