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6 Home Remodeling Trends To Look For in the Next Years

Couple lying on the floor in new home, looking at each other.

The home remodeling industry never stops changing. On the contrary, it constantly surprises us by developing new and creative ideas or implementing old solutions to current problems. Homeowners seem to compete with each other who can adapt their home better to their new realities. Nowadays, renovating some antique heritage villas or small condos is not an uncommon sight.

While rooms and furniture are being repurposed, you might be wondering how the remodeling business will look in the next few years. If that is the case, we might have something for you. Here are some home remodeling trends you should watch for in the following years.


The Use of Autonomous Machines

With the popularity of smart homes, many manufacturers have released autonomous machines that can take care of your home while you are away. These machines include everything from security cameras to lawn mowers. You can connect them to your smartphone and control them remotely. If you are not able to do so, there is always a physical remote that comes with every machine.

If you have a garden or a pool, you will most likely want to buy a lawn mower and a pool cleaner. There are many different models to choose from based on your needs. Although such machines cost a lot at first, they are very helpful when it comes to saving time and effort.


The Use of Autonomous Security Cameras

Security cameras have been around for quite some time now but what’s new is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in them. This means that they are able to identify suspicious things and take actions on their own – without human interaction. They are also able to send notifications if something is out of place. With this technology, homeowners no longer need to worry about theft or vandalism of their property.


A Return To Traditional Materials

As mentioned before, many people want to preserve their homes’ value by renovating them so that they look like they did decades ago. Thanks to this trend, wood flooring has made a comeback in many homes. People also use wood paneling or wainscoting on the walls now more than ever before. It is also common to see wooden shelves or bookshelves instead of regular ones. If you would like to try this trend, we recommend that you use only high-quality wood such as mahogany or walnut for the best results.


The Use of Wood Paneling In Bathrooms

In the past, wood was used mainly for floors and walls in places like the bedroom or living room, but now it is being used in other locations too – including bathrooms! While marble or granite countertop surfaces are very popular in bathrooms nowadays, wood has started to appear there too – and not just for cheap looking laminate flooring either.

Real wood panels and wainscoting are now being used for wall coverings as well as decorative features such as framing mirrors or placing picture frames on the walls. However, this trend is more common in rustic bathrooms than in contemporary ones as real wood clashes with modern bathroom fixtures and décor.


The Use of Glass

Glass is not only used for windows and shower doors anymore – it appears in many other places too! Many homeowners prefer glass paneling over drywall for their home office’s walls while others choose glass tables over wooden ones because they’re easier to clean or maintain and they don’t get damaged easily. There are even some people who prefer glass floors over wooden ones because of their elegant appearance and easy maintenance.

If you like this trend, we recommend that you opt for tempered glass or other high quality material rather than cheaper alternatives that easily shatter when broken instead of breaking into pieces like tempered glass does!


The Use of White Paint

If you think that white paint has already been used everywhere in your home, think again! While white paint was a common choice in the past, it was mostly used for the ceiling and walls as an accent color here and there rather than throughout the entire home. Nowadays, homeowners opt for white paint over other colors for their entire home!

We have seen white paints applied on all interior walls as well as ceilings, trims, doors, and other elements in the house too. Even kitchens are now getting painted in pure whites! If you like this trend, we recommend that you go with high quality paints instead of cheaper alternatives that easily peel off after just a few years of use!



Couple renovating their home.


The interior design industry is constantly changing – and that’s a fact. While there are some trends that have been present for a while now, usually a new year brings a new trend.

You might be wondering what the next few years will bring – the truth is that we don’t know, or at least we cannot be 100% sure. However, we can set some predictions – and that’s what we did in the article above that you just read. Only time will tell whether our predictions are going to become reality.

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