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Transforming Your Dorm Room for Only $50


Are you going to leave home for college this fall? You might already be packing a long list of dorm room essentials like bed risers or long sheets. Going off to college is an exciting but also an expensive time. Taking the dorm room and then converting it into a mini home with college dorm room essentials is not an easy job. There is limited space for your dorm room necessities and paying for the books, plagiarism-free essays for the assignments, etc. there is hardly any money left.

However, making your empty dorm room functional doesn’t have to create a hole in your pocket. Here are some tips that will help you to decorate it within $50.

Every Piece Furniture should have a Dual Purpose

It is always better to choose furniture that allows you to store your things. For instance, you get a storage bench to keep underneath the window. This can be the perfect place where you can write plagiarism free essays or even hang out with your friends. Another great idea is to roll out a filing cabinet under the desk during the night. This can serve the purpose of a nightstand next to the bed.

Use Fairy Light

There is no need to wait for the festive season to install the fairy lights. Light seems to play an important role in improving the aesthetic appeal of a room. It can make a dull room appear cheerful within an instant. You can drape the lights over the bookshelf, your mirror, or even the bed. Use thumbtacks or plastic adhesive tabs to make sure that it doesn’t ruin your wall.

In case you do not light fairy light, you can brighten up your space by making some holes in the lampshade in any pattern you like. You can also use a funky light or lava lamp that you can use to read a plagiarism free essay.

Buy Discounted Models to Save More Money

You should know that there are stores that sell discounted microwaves and mini-fridges. If you want to save money, you can also get the model that was introduced last year. In case you have a roommate, you can save some money by splitting the cost of things you are getting. Some stores offer coupons and these can prove to be quite useful when you are setting up your dorm within a budget.

Get Colorful Bed Sheets

The best way to add some color in your dull space is to get some colorful bed sheets. Make sure that it is comfortable as you might sometimes want to relax while writing your plagiarism free papers and make sure that the essay has no plagiarism. The writer needs to concentrate and free of worries and a comfortable writing space will ensure that. This doesn’t mean that you will have to get higher quality ones. Just make sure it is soft and of good quality. You can wait for the sales to get them at a lower price.

Jazz Up the Desk

One of the most important spaces for a free essay writer no plagiarism is the desk. Hence, it should be inviting. You can perk up the look of the desk using some indoor plants. However, make sure that they can be taken care of without any hassle. To give it a homely feel, you can add a corkboard or some pictures. The decoration should be minimal to ensure that it doesn’t clutter your desk.

Make an Accent Wall

You might not have the option to paint the dorm room but you can always create an accent wall. You can get a removable fabric wall. The procedure needs some effort. However, if you install it is going to add some color to the accommodation. Fabric walls can be a good choice if you have lightly textured or smooth walls. Another great option is to add tapestry to the walls. Go to the local hardware store to find tapes or strips which will help you to hang the tapestry without spoiling the wall.

Use Folding Chairs

Your dorm room needs to have an extra seating space. You might not always hang out on the bed or desk all the time. Moreover, they are going to have friends over at their place and they will need a place to sit. If you keep a folding chair, you can get it when you have guests over at your place. The best thing about them is you can tuck them away for maximizing space. A fordable chair appears to be extra chic and comfy when you add some pillows to it.

Do not Forget the Bathroom

In case the accommodation you have been given has a luxury private bathroom rather than community space, a shoe holder that is made for storing over the door can be an ideal solution to store all the gadgets and gizmos that you will need. Starting from your shampoos to the razors is going to fit easily inside the pocket. Thus, you will not have to store them over the sink or the vanity.

Install Mirrors

Installing mirrors in your accommodation will reflect light and will also open up space. For instance, you can place a mirror over your desk area to make it appear larger. It will magically make the dorm room appear bigger. If you want the space to have an airy feel and want to maximize natural light, you can put a mirror across the window.


Thus, you can see that being a student and having a low budget doesn’t mean that you will have to settle for dull accommodation. Your accommodation is going to be your oasis, particularly after a long day of activities and classes. Hence, there is no reason why you cannot give it a homely feel. The tips given above will help in personalizing the space within just $50. It will make the accommodation comfortable and inviting.

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