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Best tips and activities for office Christmas party


It’s the middle of December now. Soon, Christmas festivities will go under way. Christmas is a time everyone enjoys including your employees. They have been working hard for the prosperity of your business throughout the year. Now, it’s time to acknowledge their efforts by arranging an office party. That will also motivate the employees to show a better performance in their jobs next year. A corporate Christmas party is a win-win event. However, organizing it within the budget and so that everyone remains happy is a tough task. Unless you are going to use the services of event planning professionals, there is so much you need to consider, beginning from the venue and ending with entertainment. To get you on the right track, here are some tips and activities for your office Christmas party.


1. Book early

Choose a venue where you are planning to hold your end-of-the-year office party in advance. Then, contact the owners and book it. You shouldn’t forget that your company is not the only one looking for a suitable place during this festive time. Book as early as half a year before the event, if possible. Early bookers may also be entitled to some discounts – an extra benefit. Before you embark on your search, though, make sure you know what the last working day before Christmas is. Certain employees may have already gone away for their holiday by the date you’ve set as your office party X-hour.

venue for an office party

2. Listen to the crowd

Have you ever attended a party you wanted to leave ten minutes after it began? The main idea behind an office party is to let everyone have fun and relax. Of course, it’s impossible to please each and every of your employees. That said, you can still help most of them feel comfortable. Before you draft an entertainment program, get your workers’ feedback and preferences. You can put a box at the entrance where everyone can leave their wishes written on slips of paper. Those can be related to anything starting from food and drink and ending with music and games. Choose the most frequently repeated suggestions and take them into account while planning the party.

3. Don’t be Scrooge McDuck

Team spirit and business success are all good and well, but believe us: The majority of your employees have accepted the invitation to your office Christmas party because they expect you to treat them with food and entertainment. We are not talking about exotic dishes or drinks. Just usual party stuff. You should not skimp out. Your employees deserve the best food. For the same reason, think of inviting some good entertainers to make the evening more enjoyable.

employees eating and drinking

4. Define the code of conduct at your office party

It is true that a Christmas office party is supposed to be entertaining in the first place. Still, it is a corporate event, and your employees should comply with certain rules of conduct accepted at your organization. Many companies have a written policy that determines how their workers must behave at any corporate party. You can prepare something similar or at least speak to your employees a day or two before the event and ask them to follow certain guidelines during the festive evening.


1. Choose a theme

Although the general theme for an office Christmas party is.. Christmas, you can vary the event and try a sub-theme for it. The options are endless. For example, you can try a black-and-white theme. Everyone should be dressed in black and white tones. The tables should be covered with black and white cloths, and so on. Or, just the opposite, go for the colorful tropical theme, with everyone wearing sunglasses, shorts, shirts with prints of palm trees, and panamas. Or, it could be a disco-style theme with bell-bottom trousers. Let your fancy run wild!

themed party

2. Funny award ceremony

One way to bring more fun to the table is to hold a “Best employee ceremony.” You can think of a list of nominations like “The employee with the best computer screen background.” Prepare your own templates for the awards to make it more interesting. You may have a secret vote among your employees a couple of days before the party to know each winner. Try to find a prize that corresponds to each nomination. Finally, have a photo of each winner taken. Hang it on your office board as a memory of the holiday.

3. Help Santa put on outfit

You can also play several active games during the party. One of them is called “Dress up Santa.” Divide your employees in two teams. Place a box with complete Santa’s outfit (beard, hat, etc.) before each team. Have them choose one person to represent Santa. Then, shout “Go!” Both teams must try to get their Santa dressed up before their opponents do.


4. Walk like a penguin

Another funny game is called “Penguin Waddle”. Again, split your employees in two groups and have people in each team stand one after another. Give each captain a balloon, which they should put between their legs. Then, shout “Go!” Each of the opponents must walk with the balloon between the legs to a designated spot and then return to their team and pass the balloon to the next teammate. Those who come to the finish first win. That is a hilarious game that everyone should like.

With so many things involved like the venue, entertainment, food, and many others, a Christmas office party is a challenging undertaking. To save your time and nerves, consider finding an event planning company that will take the burden off your shoulders and arrange everything in a professional manner.

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