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How to get organized New Year: 3 best apps

New Year’s eve is always hectic and insane, especially if you’re hosting a party at your place. There are still some gifts to buy and wrap, there are things to cook for the dinner, kids to take care of, and dishes to clean before the guests arrive. In all that mess it is quite easy to get lost and forget about the happy moments of the holiday. But there are a couple of things that can help you get organized at the New Year party and not go insane.

Below you will read about three best apps that can help get organized at the New Year party and ensure that you control every minor detail of this day. The additional benefit of these apps is that they are free of charge. So, if you like something from the article and feel that this particular app can make your day, then go to the iStore or Play Market and download it instantly!


Gift List

Most Americans have large families that rarely come together, and New Year can be just one of those home-coming parties. This means that you will have lots of people to take care of. You will not only follow their diet and try to come up with conversation topics, but you are also obliged to get each of them a present. And while hosting the party you may simply forget to give your presents to everyone. But don’t worry, this Gift List can help you.

This app is fairly popular among people who try to get organized at holidays of any kind. You can create separate “pages” for all the people you need to give presents to. If you download the app beforehand, you can plan your budget for every gift and ensure that you’re staying within the line. However, if you’ve just read about it here, then you can go through your guest list and enter all names of people into it. Then you can describe each present you purchased in the app so that when the present sharing time comes, you don’t mix up anything. This app can help you organize gift-giving tradition so you won’t keep all those names and gifts in your head. Furthermore, with the Gift List you can even assign a present giving procedure to your spouse and not worry that something will go wrong.

Christmas Gift List

Elf Yourself

This app can help people with extremely large families. In case you don’t invite the whole family for your organized New Year party, but still need to send them some reminders and post cards, Elf Yourself can help you do both and on a very short notice. Moreover, as you remember, the app is free of charge, so you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to buy post cards that will be thrown away in a week.

Elf Yourself is an app where you can create a video post card and send it to whoever you want to. All you need is have several fairly good quality pictures of your closest family members to download into it. Then the app will automatically cut faces out of your pictures and add them to the dancing elves in a pre-made video. The elves are dancing and singing to make your post card receivers smile and remember about you.

This app allows choosing from one to more than five elves depending on the number of family members you want to get involved into the post card. In case you forgot to buy or make post cards for the whole family, Elf Yourself can save your day in no time!

Elf Yourself

Just Reminder

As it has already been discussed above, memory is one of those things that can and usually will fail you during the New Year. You will forget to buy the last ingredient for your main course, you can forget to pick up some gifts from the wrapping station, you might even miss the moment when the cake is baked! So whatever you do, little reminders can save your life and get organized New Year without much effort.

The Just Reminder app is similar to many reminding apps, but its benefit is in the absence of additional and, in most cases, useless features. It’s extremely easy in use, free in terms of content, and it’s perfect to get organized New Year party going without a hitch.

You can create to-do lists with reminding notes, separate your tasks into particular categories. The great feature of Just Reminder is that it has both audio and visual notifications. This means that once the time for something to be done comes, it will play some melody and show the note full screen so you do read it and not just skip for later. You can also set your desired interval for repeating notices, ringtone, time, etc.

You may wonder why Just Reminder is perfect for New Year? Because it has blocking system. You can install password on the gift list and ensure that only you can unblock it; this provides guarantees that you and only you will known the whole plan of the organized New Year party.

Just remminder


This day has come. It’s pleasant and yet extremely tough to go through as a host. Get all the help you can from modern technologies and professional services like apartment cleaning or personal chef services. Install these three apps, accept all additional assistance, and make organized New Year party that stays awesome and goes according to your plan at all times!

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