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Give experiences as Christmas gift ideas for kids

Christmas gift ideas for kids cover

Do you remember the movie from the 90’s Problem Child where the kid was never happy about his presents? You might have noticed that it is extremely hard to surprise modern kids or cause any kind of new emotion on their face as well. They don’t appreciate toys and all those things that you buy them; in most cases children accept them as if it’s the world order. And while the reasons for such behavior may vary, the important problem that you are likely to face soon or are already facing is where to get Christmas gift ideas for kids? What to choose for this holiday? How to make your present special and memorable?

There is one rule that was used to write this article about Christmas gift ideas for kids – don’t buy material things, give your children experiences. Below you can find five experience Christmas gift ideas for kids. Even if you don’t find something that your child may like from our list, it will inspire you to approach the issue from a different angle.

girl reading a book to a teddy bear

The cost of Christmas

Americans put in pretty a lot of money on such an important holiday. On average, people spend around $900 on all presents per year, and about $271 of that money goes for children presents. While the sums are pretty high, they still don’t guarantee that present receivers love what they get. Now, let’s proceed to alternative Christmas gift ideas for kids and find out how much they will cost.

man with dollars

Christmas gift ideas for kids: experience togetherness

In terms of cost for your experience Christmas gift ideas for kids you need to rely on your budget and not try to get over your head. There are crazy and interesting things to do with your kid that won’t cost much! Here are several fresh ideas:

  • Tickets

    Think of your childhood: what did you like doing with your parents? Maybe you had some tradition – you went to the cinema on the first day of winter or ate at McDonalds every birthday. This is the time when you can start such a tradition with your child. Buy tickets to an event that happens every year: some theater event, market, or maybe go to the cinema several times.

    If you can’t come up with an idea for a tradition, then think of an event your child wanted to be a part of. This can be an exhibition, autograph session with some starts or superheroes – whatever your kid is dreaming about. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t necessarily be a fan of it too. These are Christmas gift ideas for kids, not for yourself.
    sport event

  • Field trip

    Zoo, museum, science center, sporting event – whatever is in the field of interest of your child can become a perfect gift! Think creatively: maybe your child wanted to go to some place in the neighborhood or even neighboring city. Going even on a small trip for a purpose is important for children; it gives them the feeling of significance.
    family trip

  • The gift of learning

    And at this point don’t stress out! You don’t need to hire a tutor or come up with a useful thing. Maybe your child has been dreaming of becoming a model – give them a certificate for modeling classes. Maybe your kid’s passion is in playing a musical instrument – get them a group course to learn playing it. Remember that there is always room for improvement and professionals to learn from, so you will always be able to get someone to help your child develop in their hobby!

  • Close experience with animals

    Animals always give kids great memories! You can opt for horse boarding centers, zoo volunteering centers, shelter dog walking, or some particular places with exotic animals that your child likes. As a rule, animal care centers always need spare hands for cleaning and feeding animals, so your help will be appreciated. Such Christmas gift ideas for kids can teach your kid to help the weaker ones in this world and at the same time will definitely bring feeling of satisfaction and fun!
    animals experience

  • Homemade coupon book

    There are always things that your child wants to do, but you usually prohibit him or her from doing these things. Make a coupon book for your kids with some activities. For example, you can add eating dinner in front of the TV, going to the zoo, staying up late, not walking the dog, going to the cinema, doing grocery shopping on his or her own – all these little perks will be highly appreciated by any child! Furthermore, these coupons also teach small children that all things have their cost and limit.
    coupons handmade

It’s worth a try!

Kids get tired of receiving toys and technology devices for their birthdays, Christmas, Independence day, and all other holidays. Try doing something unusual and interesting for them! Adventures are always appreciated by people of all ages, so create one for your kid this Christmas!

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