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Home cleaning for the New Year: 7 places not to overlook


The Christmas period until the New Year is a very busy time. You need to go shopping, prepare festive meals, decorate your house, and do many other essential things. Before you get down to all those chores, though, you need to clean up your home thoroughly so that you will have more time for entertaining your guests and enjoying every moment of being in the company of your parents and children. If you are short of time due to a large workload, for example, you can hire cleaning professionals. If you are free and can devote enough time to a proper cleaning of your house, here is a list of 7 places you should consider putting in order in the first turn before Christmas and the New Year.

1. Windows

We are sure you have already cleaned your windows earlier for Thanksgiving. However, if you adore decorating your windows for Christmas and New Year, sticking various holiday-theme patterns on them, you should spray some window washing liquid on your windows and wipe them dry with a cloth again. Not only will it be easier for you to stick snowflakes on clean window panes. They will also let more sunshine into your house, which is especially important during these long and dark winter evenings. In addition, you could wash the glass in your front door and vacuum the window screens.


2. Bathroom

Your bathroom grows in importance as the festivities draw nearer and more guests begin arriving. As it will be used much more often than usual, you must ensure that your bathroom is spotlessly clean. Not only your reputation as the host or hostess is at stake. A clean bathroom is a guarantee that no germs will spread around your house. So, get a stock of toilet cleaning products, roll up your sleeves, and start scrubbing.

proper cleaning of the bathroom is necessary before New Year

3. Kitchen

Another place that will be in use almost every minute during the Christmas period is kitchen. Here, you will be cooking your delicious holiday meals. So, it must be well prepared and clean. Inspect your fridge. Perhaps, certain products stored there are too old to be eaten. Throw them to your garbage bin. The same goes for your cupboards. Wash the forks, spoons, knives, glasses, cups, and dishes diligently. There must be no burnt food in the oven. Otherwise, it will be producing unpleasant smell when the stove is in use. The stovetop also requires proper cleaning, as well as the sink. Only when your kitchen is perfect you can start the Christmas cooking magic.


4. Living-room

Now, it’s time to direct all your energy to cleaning up the “party place” – your living-room. Your guests will be hardly pleased to suddenly touch a ball of dust while taking their gift from under your Christmas tree. A proper cleaning of every corner in your room is necessary. It is especially important to clean the carpet where your kids will be opening their presents. The furnishings, shelves, and chairs in the living-room should not be overlooked either. Finally, mopping the floor is a must.


5. Guestroom

You are likely to have invited guests from another city or state to stay over the holiday period. That is why you need to freshen up your guestroom. Change the bedding first. Then perform the same operations you did for your living-room. You should make the room look “inhabitable”. For that purpose, consider bringing one of your house plants into the guestroom. Also, inspect the wardrobe and leave enough space for your guests’ things in it. Put yourself in their shoes: You will hardly find it convenient to live off the suitcase.

guest bedroom

6. Closets

Again, if you are expecting guests, they will need to leave their coats and bags somewhere. Putting their suitcases simply on the floor may block the room or hallway. So, you should clear up some room in your closets to accommodate your guests’ things. Take everything out of a closet, vacuum it, and clean it with a wet cloth.


7. Ceilings

There is a chance that some cobwebs on your ceilings in the living-room, guestroom, and other rooms have remained after your previous house cleaning session. Go from room to room and sweep the ceilings with a brush to get rid of any cobwebs or dust.

A clean house is one of the New Year party success contributors. You should start a proper cleaning of your home early in order to have more time for other essential holiday preparation tasks. If, for some reason, you cannot attend to this pre-holiday mission, invite professional cleaners to your house.

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