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Fresh ideas for New Year celebration


Just a few weeks are left before we start counting down to the beginning of a new year again. Every time the 1st of January approaches, we are thinking of doing something special, throwing a truly memorable party, but sometimes find ourselves short of new ideas. If that is the case this time around, here are a few suggestions for the New Year celebration we would like to share with you.

1. Do it one last time

The New Year is the usual time for many people to start their lives afresh. They decide to lose weight, give up smoking, or begin attending a course in Spanish as soon as the clock strikes twelve and the new year is born. Why not let your party guests do what they are going to forbid themselves next year one last time? Before they come to your place, phone them and ask them what their New Year resolutions are. Then, prepare their fruit-to-be-forbidden. For example, if one of your friends enjoys eating a lot of junk food, but has made up their mind to quit it, call a fast food restaurant and order enough “farewell” hamburgers and fizzy drinks for him or her.

forbidden fruit

2. Arrange a photo booth

You don’t need much stuff or preparation to arrange a photo booth. All that is required is a camera, a backdrop of some kind (such as a blanket or bed sheet), and props. You can buy some colorful scarves, wigs, or oversized toy glasses for your guests to wear in the photo booth. You can also rent props from an event organizing company. The photographer can be you, anyone of your fellows good at photography, or a professional. Although you will have to pay the former for their work, your photos will be of excellent quality. A photo booth is a great way to have fun and make sure you have some memories left in the form of snapshots.

3. Have hour marks

We can call this idea for the New Year celebration party “hour marks.” You can take several packets or bags and place inside some gifts, slips of paper with tasks for each of your invitees, or the name of a song that you all should sing. Put the bags under your New Year tree in a semi-circle and open them every hour that remains before the clock begins striking twelve. That will make your party more exciting and varied. If you have kids among your guests, they will find the “hour marks” particularly enjoyable.

4. Organize a karaoke

We are sure that many of your guests believe they are good singers and could well become pop stars. Why not give them a chance to prove their prowess? You will need a microphone, speakers, and a computer. If you want a high-quality sound or a longer list of songs, contact a party equipment rental company. They will arrange all that for you. Singing songs during the New Year party will help you keep the ball rolling. It’s a good opportunity for people who have never met before to feel more comfortable and start enjoying the evening.

karaoke michrophone

5. Capture every celebration moment

Another way to document the celebration is to give each of your guests a disposable camera or put several disposable cameras in different places around your house or apartment. Then, you and your guests can take snaps of every memorable moment during the evening. Those photos can then be made into a collage and sent out to everyone who came to the party. Alternatively, you can hire a professional photographer to capture all that is happening during the event.

6. Prepare a collective track list

You can call your friends a week or a few days before they turn up at the party and ask them to give you the names of their favorite tracks (3-5). Write them down and look for them in your music library. Those tracks will be playing throughout the evening. It is more pleasant and exciting to hear the music closest to your heart than some worn-out Christmas-season hits.

7. Hire a limo

Or you might be tired of home parties and need something completely different. One way to make your New Year celebration truly unforgettable is to hire a limousine with a private chauffeur. That has numerous benefits. You can go from club to club without worrying about driving or just circle around the city, drinking champagne right inside the vehicle and enjoying the spirit of the New Year celebration. A professional at the wheel will take you anywhere you desire, and safely deliver you, your friends, or family home in the morning.

celebration party in a limo

We all need to celebrate the New Year so that it will remain a pleasant memory. There are dozens of ways we can do that. Some of them are given above, and we believe they are well worth trying this year.

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