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5 worst winter wedding mistakes

Winter is a magical season of the year, when the country is divided in two. For southern part winter wedding won’t be any different from summer wedding, while for the northern part the scene changes to its core. And this article is for people who have this severe seasonal change. You will need to be more attentive to your wedding planning process because winter usually brings more unexpected and unforeseen situations. This means that you need to be twice as prepared as in a warmer climate. If you would like to avoid additional fuss and just enjoy the day, then you can leave your request for a wedding planner below with us. Yet, we still recommend you to read about the top mistakes other couples make, how to avoid them and turn your winter wedding into a day to remember.

Not thinking of the prices

Most couples don’t even think about the fact that in winter everything costs more. Car rentals, destination hotels, venues, florists, DJs and all those professionals that you need for a perfect day. In order to be ready for these expenses you need to calculate everything very scrupulously and book all services in advance. The earlier you plan your special day, the less money you will have to spend on it. Furthermore, remember that wedding planners always have some discounts at particular venues and cooperate with various service providers. Once you decide to get married, call experts and inquire about the possible cuts he or she may offer.


Not thinking of the weather

You cannot avoid the issue of weather completely. Without any doubt when planning your winter wedding you will consider that the temperature is pretty low this time of the year. Yet, the thing most couples forget about is related to the frequent weather change in winter. You can check weather forecast every 5 minutes, and still might get into snow, rain, hail, and streets covered with ice and “champing” wet snow under the feet. Unless you are ready for this kind of changes, you risk getting upset about the circumstances. So the point is you need to have plan A, B, C, and even D for different weather scenarios on your winter wedding day. Think about warm clothes and additional pair of shoes, some umbrellas and coats. Carefully approach this issue and get some inspiration from these couples.


Not thinking of transportation

As has already been outlined above, winter weather can be unpredictable. So for you and your guests to feel comfortable while getting from a church to a restaurant, you need to plan transportation. And at this point you also need to be ready for any kind of weather. Think of covering the way from the church to the bus so your dear friends don’t ruin their makeup and hairstyles. Ensure that transportation gets on time and with already pre-heated interior; you definitely don’t want your guests to freeze in a bus. Consult with your wedding planner about such winter wedding transportation issues that may take place.


Not thinking of your guests

Keep in mind that while guests come to congratulate you on a special day, during winter wedding receptions you are the one who should take really good care of them. Remember that every woman would be willing to look perfect, so will be unlikely to think of some warm scarf; what you need to do is prepare warm blankets for your guests to guarantee their comfort. Besides that think of some winter drinks like coffee, hot tea or cocoa as well as hot wine and grog, because there is a great chance they will be needed. And, finally, keep in mind that you will need to help your guests get back home – so plan taxis or some shuttles at the end of the day to ensure that your winter wedding goes smooth and gaily for everyone!

think of guests

Not embracing winter décor

Winter wedding themes for decorations are almost unlimited. You can use traditional Christmas colors, or opt for more peaceful white and blue for your special day. The season of winter weddings significantly simplifies the issue of wedding decorations, so don’t try to invent the wheel, just feel lucky and grateful for the options! Besides the colors you can also consider some seasonal flowers, lots of candles (just make sure they don’t interfere with fire safety at your venue), and twinkling lights. All these means help creating the feeling of magic and fairy tale which is exactly what you’re aiming at during a winter wedding!

winter wedding decor

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