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Do I need a wedding planner? Absolutely!


Being unbelievably excited and amazed by the perspective of getting married, couples often fear the stress of the organization process. They say it takes a village to raise a child? But what about organizing a perfect wedding ceremony? Well, one professional and enthusiastic wedding planner is about enough.

However, some people doubt whether or not they should go ahead and enlist the wedding planner’s assistance when it comes to getting ready for their big day. They often argue whether the services this professional will provide to them will outweigh the costs of hiring a helper will.

Obviously, there’re both pros and cons of asking a wedding planner to help you with all preparations. But that is how everything in life goes. Nothing and no one is perfect.

However, as wedding is kind of a big deal. And the chances that you’ll get exhausted trying to organize and find everything for it within your fixed budget while being torn between your work, wedding arrangements and everything that’s going on in your life are quite high.

You don’t want to look like the life was sucked out from you on your wedding day, do you?

That’s one of the reasons why hiring a wedding planner will be really beneficial for you. And here’re 7 more!

Why to hire a wedding planner

1. Having a person who knows what exactly you need to organize

There’s soooo much you have to do for your wedding! It’s quite easy to forget about one or two little important details that might ruin the entire ceremony.

Forgetting to call back you venue administrator in time, or pay for legal operations, struggling to find necessary supplies that will suit your ceremony theme….

Trying to book party equipment and hotel rooms for the guests, looking for a band, forgetting to transfer your wedding music onto the portable USB drive and giving it to your DJ….

All that doesn’t sound like a joyful wedding preparation experience, does it?

That’s why a person who’d have a list of things you need to finalize, choose and arrange,  who’d constantly remind you about them and who’d help you with your choices and routine organization issues saves not only the wedding day, but also a load of hectic pre-wedding days.

Finally, if you’re planning a wedding outside your local area, hiring a planner who’s ‘native’ to the place of choice is probably the wisest decision.

2. Time saving

A wedding planner is a must-have when you have to organize your ceremony in desperate-lack-of-time conditions.

This pro will be able to make everything work even without your presence.
You’ll approve your table covers, centerpieces, pottery, flowers, etc. via your phone, no matter where you have to be.

3. Wedding organization buddy

You know how everyone is busy when you need the company to do the dress shopping, venue booking, decorating, etc.?
Well, if you have a wedding planner, you’ll always have an expert by your side who’ll give you his honest second opinion, help you decide what you want, give you numerous options and interesting wedding decisions you might have never thought about, tell you what will work and what will not, do all the DIY projects will you while being just as excited as you’re. (If that’s even possible)

4. Budgeting

Of course, the services of a wedding planner cost money.

But, once you think about it in depth, you’ll understand that this professional will actually help you budget your event more efficiently.

In fact, your planner will prevent you from going over your budget.

And, as he has been in the sphere for quite a while, he’ll be able to find attractive deals, high-quality services and amazing wedding pros (like photographers, caterers, DJs and MCs etc.) at lower rates.

So, you’ll even end up saving your money!

In addition to that, all wedding planners have entire folders of reliable wedding service providers (suitable for different budgets). So, you won’t have to run around trying to interview a bunch of local photographers, videographers, DJs, etc.

5. Keeping up with the style

You might have a clear vision of how you want your wedding look like.

But, the struggle of finding those unique details and matching everything up is as real as it’s never been before. However, if you hire a wedding planner, he’ll do all the wedding hunt runs for you.

Besides, he’ll offer you a bunch of alternatives that will fall within the chosen theme and ceremony spirit and remain in the same style. And that’s what makes a wedding really elegant and chic.

6. Compromising

The bride wants to invite 100 guests and the groom loves the idea of private ceremony. He likes that first dance song, and she definitely hates it. She wants to have a buffet style reception, and he’s all about having a proper sit-down dinner.  And so on, and so forth.

A wedding planner will find a decision even when it seems like there’s nothing both bride and groom may agree on. And, he’ll make sure that both sides enjoy their experience without getting too frustrated and angry with each other.

Loving and peaceful atmosphere is all that matters.

(“I still want you to wear that light pink shirt and match with your groomsmen” – the bride murmured, and then sighed with defeated look on her face).

7. Having a time of your life

You deserve to experience wedding happiness, but not stress and tiredness. You’re supposed to enjoy the process of organizing your wedding ceremony and picking out different cute things, but not drown in endless number of wedding preparation problems and things you need to get done in time.

An experienced wedding planner won’t let that happen. Go to HireRush.com and post a wedding organization request for local event planners, describe brief ceremony details you find crucial and meet a pro, who’ll make your dream come true.

Leave your request here

Your wedding planner will make sure that you get to experience all the wedding fun, troubleshoot different organization issues before and during the ceremony and make it just as perfect as you’ve imagined.

It’s all about you, remember?

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