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5 reasons you need a car TV monitor


It’s hard to imagine our life without television now, although in the middle of the last century people couldn’t believe that something like that was ever possible. Beginning from bulky and blurry monochrome televisions to high-resolution LCD panels where all objects seem real, TV has undergone a series of major improvements. Now, everyone watches TV, even on the move. In the past few years, an increasing number of car owners have begun installing TVs in their vehicles. One of the reasons is that the price of built-in televisions and monitors has gone down and more people now have money to buy them. There are other reasons, too. Below, we have summarized the principal benefits of having a TV in your car.

1. Built-in TV provides entertainment during long trips

Often, we have to drive to our destination for many hours or even days. It’s easy for passengers in the back seat to get bored sitting in the same place all this time. There are many options when it comes to watching TV in a car. Those include satellite channels, local broadcast television, DVD/Blu-Ray, or services such as Slingbox. So, entertainment during a long car trip is guaranteed.

2. No distraction from children

Most kids are active, restless, and easily bored. It is impossible to make them sit quiet for more than a few minutes. At the same time, according to the statistics of traffic accidents, many of them are the result of the driver taking their eyes off the road. Often, children play the role of those attention-diverting factors. With the vehicle moving, a driver-parent may frequently have to turn around to stop the fights between their little son and daughter, for instance. That can endanger their own life, the lives of the children, and the lives of other drivers on the road. When there is a built-in TV in the car, children can watch their favorite movies or cartoons. That will keep them from being naughty and distracting.

TV keeps children quiet

3. A little less conversation

Even when the driver focuses all their attention on the road ahead, talking to a passenger in the car may momentarily cause them to lose concentration and run into something. The driver needs the portion of the brain responsible for language to be able to quickly react to anything that happens while the car is moving. Even mobile devices attached to an ear are not always helpful, as the person on the other end may say something that will distract the driver for a split second. That will be enough for a road accident to occur. A built-in TV is a good way to keep conversation to the minimum so that the driver’s concentration is at the peak all the time.

4. Navigation

A dash-in monitor is very helpful from the navigational point of view. That is especially true when traffic is the heaviest and you are driving down the freeway. The monitor will help you see the exit before you actually think about it. Some software, for example Google Maps, give the driver information about an exit half a mile before it. However, when the car is moving at a high speed in a dense traffic flow, this distance may turn out to be too short for you to maneuver past the other cars in the preparation for the exit. When you have a dash-in monitor, on the other hand, you will see a larger portion of the map on the screen. Thus, you will have more time to get ready for the next move.


5. No blind spots

Finally, you can install a back-up camera in your car. Then, on your monitor you will see what is happening right behind your vehicle much better that a rear-view mirror allows you to do. That is particularly important when you are backing out of a parking lot. That way the risk of an accident is minimized or completely excluded.

Having a built-in TV in your car will not only entertain your passengers. It can also contribute to safer driving by removing many distracting factors. Now, with the price of built-in TVs or in-dash monitors going down, it is high time to use the services of TV installation professionals.

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