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5 baby shower ideas to organize a perfect party

baby shower woman opening presents

If you’re about to have a baby, and it’s going to come quite soon, you may celebrate this life changing event in your and your partner’s lives and, of course, the upcoming beginning of a new life by throwing a baby shower. It’s an amazing opportunity to gather all your friends and family and concentrate their attention on the baby you’re about to have and children in general. You’ll hear funny stories about poopy diapers, heart-melting ones about someone’s baby’s first smile, a little bit terrifying one about someone giving birth to her child, etc. You’ll get a couple of the most ridiculous pieces of advice related to baby care and upbringing and your baby will end up with numerous cute outfits and chewing toys by the end of the party. But, the most important thing is that you’ll get to hang out with a lot of people you love and share with them the joy of being pregnant and expecting a child. Baby showers may look like simple family gatherings with nice food and gift giving or they may turn into a huge party with decorated setup, baby-related games and contests and baby-themed food. It depends on the parents’-to-be choice. But no matter how many guests you plan to invite to your baby shower and no matter how your baby registry will look like (as you may stick to the non-gifting baby shower or baby sprinkle), it’s still good to turn it into a fun and entertaining party both to attend and to prepare. So, if you’re in search of cute and easy baby shower organization ideas, have a look at these and start getting ready to celebrate your future parenthood.

Baby shower ideas to make it entertaining and easy to organize

  1. Location. Can you think about a better baby shower than the outdoor one? Then, throw a baby shower at your garden. Worried about the rain? Set up a dining area and buffet table at your porch to be protected from sudden weather changes and to stay in shade if the party day turns out to be really sunny. Anyways, you’ll be able to pop inside the house and continue partying even if the sky decides to shower your baby as well.outdoor baby shower setup
  2. Decor. Keep the baby shower decoration ideas simple with fabric banners, cute food display, table cloths, napkins and plates in playful colors and bouquets of flowers handpicked from the garden. Turn your food into decor. Arrange paper garlands, ferry lights, ultrasound pictures and balloons to decorate the buffet table or presents’ table backdrop. Take a glass vase, an ordinary water glass, a tall candle, decorative stones and flower petals and to make an awesome centerpiece for your table – a floating candle. Use blue or pink food coloring to match the gender of your baby. You may also create a flowery centerpiece using a cake stand, flowers of your choice and a foam ball (or even dishwashing sponge). Just make the foam base sit on the cake stand and insert flowers into it to create a floral dome. Don’t forget to soak the sponge in water to make the flowers last longer. You may also call catering services to order a cake that looks like a baby climbing out of a present box or a cute baby bum in diaper with the ‘Coming soon’ or baby’s name writing. It will be the best centerpiece ever.baby shower baby girl bum cake
  3. Baby shower food. Don’t bother with cooking food at home. Food preparation usually takes most of time and effort when organizing any party. Baby shower is not an exception. Baby showers are all about simple appetizers and buffet-style food presentation with cute desserts and fun cocktails. Use colors corresponding to your baby’s sex. Incorporate baby-related decor elements like diaper-shaped sandwiches, cupcakes with edible binkies, fruit bowls with a watermelon cutout to resemble a baby in a bassinet, smoothies in baby milk bottles and onesie cookies to add to the theme and overload the party with baby cuteness. You may tire yourself out preparing all those things and meals at home to feed all your guests. And, there’s a high chance that those pink cupcakes with adorable rose-shaped frosting won’t turn out as adorable as they do in a recipe book or that those blue onesei cookies will look nothing like a piece of baby wardrobe, but rather like a lump of a weird shape.
    So, don’t make your pregnant belly go through that entire cooking struggle. Just go to HireRush.com to find a local catering service, determine and discuss your baby shower menu ideas with its workers (include fruit and vegetable snacks, cupcakes and a couple of other desserts, salads, sandwich bites and maybe a main course) and order that food from them. Or, you may post a catering task on our website mentioning your baby shower menu requests and budget limits to get contacted by local services ready to fulfill your order just as you want them to. Receive your food delivery, set it up at your baby shower location and let the party begin. Don’t forget to thank your guests for their presence and generous gifts with favors – bags filled with candy, cupcake and a thank-you note.baby shower food table setup and cookiesPost a task here
  4. Revealing the gender. Have you thrown a separate gender reveal party yet? You don’t have to. Save your money and time by combining gender reveal party and baby shower. Your gests will appreciate it too (one occasion to attend and bring presents to). Come up with an interesting way to reveal the gender of your baby to your friends and family members. Make them guess first. Let them choose pink or blue cake pops or cupcakes, pink or blue flower garlands or bracelets, set up a gender voting black board and shock everyone with the final answer by cutting into a gender revealing cake or counting the number of notes from fortune cookies you’ve given out to everyone. The answer that gets the most fortune cookie points should match your baby’s gender. Be careful with that not to give away the wrong answer. There’re other numerous ideas to reveal the gender of your baby in an unusual way on Bhg.com. Check them out to choose the way to reveal your future son or daughter.gender reveal voting station
  5. Entertainment. Document your baby shower. Ask your friend or family member to be a party photographer or hire a professional one to capture the funniest and the most important moments of the event. Polaroid camera would be just amazing. Come up with interesting baby shower game ideas to entertain everyone. Carry out a quiz to ask different questions related to pregnancy and taking care of a newborn, a dirty diaper contest, baby food challenge, bottle drinking speed test, swaddling contest, etc. Make fathers and fathers-to-be compile a diaper bag with all items necessary to take care of an infant on the go, come up with different riddles to make everyone guess the name of your future baby, ask everyone to tell the craziest baby accident they’ve already experienced (like poop explosion in a restaurant), make the guests guess the measurements of mommy’s pregnant belly and predict the baby’s birth weight. Don’t forget about rewards. In the end of the baby shower, ask your guests to sing a little note and write a short message or a wish for your future baby on it. Those notes will become a touching addition to your baby shower album.

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