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Basic kid’s birthday party checklist


Have a kid’s birthday party just around the corner and you have absolutely no idea how to organize it properly and prepare it the way that both children and adults enjoy it and have good memories about the event? You have too much to do and don’t know what are the things of first necessity and what you can think about later? I can totally relate. And, I’m sure that many of us can.


Whether it’s your fist attempt to organize a birthday party for your child or you’ve done it numerous times before, it’s always good to find some tips to make the process well-ordered and not too difficult. Moreover, it’s a party, right? It’s supposed to be fun and cheerful. It’s not something to be stressed about. Your child has to be so excited about the event, just about the fact that he’s becoming one year older. And what about presents, attention, entertainment? Basically, it’s your kid’s big day, and, it’s necessary to make it as remarkable and happy as you can to meet the child’s wishes and expectations, even if you can’t fully comply with them.


So, I’ll present to you a kid’s birthday party checklist to simplify the organization process for you. Follow it, and you’ll not forget to do anything and plan the event properly.


Just don’t procrastinate, involve your child into the process as much as you can to let him/her enjoy the preparation process and realize his/her own ideas concerning the party to extend the birthday and get a kid excited in anticipation of the party and all the good stuff that’s going to happen during it.
If you have minimum time to organize birthday party, think of hiring a party planner to make sure that your child still gets to celebrate his/her big day. Look through the professionals’ profiles on HireRush.com to see what services and at what price they provide to contact the ones you think may handle the task the best way.


But, if you like the checklist, print it out and start getting everything ready on your own. I think you can totally make it happen. And, don’t be disappointed because your child is growing up too fast. There’s nothing you can do about it but just ensure that he/she fully enjoys his childhood. So, let’s get to business without any further delay.


Choose a party theme

That’s necessary to discuss with your child if he’s old enough. If you’re preparing a surprise party, then think of what your kid likes the most, what movies or characters he/she prefers. If your boy is into Power Rangers, monster trucks or Star Wars, super heroes or something else right now, then implement some décor elements that suit the theme and try to make the cake and other sweets meet the general idea of the party.

Girls are even easier to satisfy, as they most likely are obsessed with princesses, Barbie, dolls and other similar stuff. Your task is to figure out which of those numerous princesses they like the most. Older girls might enjoy listening to someone’s music, they totally have a favorite band by far. Just pay attention to which toys and movies your child prefers, what he/she does during the free time to get a hint considering the theme.


Discuss the guest list

That will influence your budget the most, so figure out how many family members you have to invite for sure. Then, ask your child if he’d like to invite some friends over and see if  parents will accompany their kids. Try not to exceed the estimated limit, as huge parties are too difficult to organize without hiring a planner or asking someone to help you out. Also, remember that you’re doing this for your child in the first place, so make sure that he’ll be comfortable around the people you’re going to invite and that he’ll have someone to play with.


Decide on location

If you’re going to have a party at home, then you’re fine. But if you want to find a special play area for kids or a nice big outdoor place to carry out the party, then you’ll have to research your options and choose the most suitable one.



Think about entertainment

Of course, you’ll need to arrange some activities for kids so that they will be able to enjoy the party without feeling abandoned among the adults. Also, they won’t get into trouble when trying to entertain themselves on their own. Rent inflatable playground or indoor soft play one. If there’s a pool at your venue, water world toys or play sets will make a perfect entertainment decision.
Also, kids will have so much fun playing various games and taking part in different competitions. Quests with prizes are probably the best kids’ party engagements. You may find them online and get necessary supplies at the store.

Another option is to hire an entertainer according to the party theme and let him take care of kids’ activities. It will be much easier for you to cross this task out of your list this way. Also, imagine the kids’ faces if they see Elsa or pirate or minions at their party and get to play with them. They’ll love it.


Pick up decorations and child’s outfit

As you’ve already chosen the theme, you’ll have to run to several stores to find some decorative pieces. First of all, try to stick to the chosen colors when picking out plates, cups, napkins and straws. Using little toys as décor elements might work as well.
Have you ever seen a birthday party without balloons? I haven’t. So, don’t forget to purchase or order them beforehand. Banners, bunting, hung-up pictures of the birthday boy/girl are the must-haves.
Look for some DIY projects to make some of the decoration to suit the theme and look for some ideas of how to decorate snacks and serve food according to the color pattern and chosen theme.


Party Equipment Rental

Determine the menu and prepare the grocery list

That should be done at least one (or better two) weeks before the birthday party to make sure that you have all ingredients and foods you need and to have time to be able to run to the store if you’ve forgotten something important.

Think how many dishes you’re going to prepare and what will be the main course. Order a cake and other food you’re not going to make yourself.


Develop a cooking schedule

Spread out your cooking duties not to collapse near the stove while trying to make everything last minute. If you can freeze some of the dishes, make them two days before the party. The same applies to baking. Make the billets of other dishes (like meat, main course, side dishes and salads) and finish them either the night before the party or in the morning. For instance, you may cut up all vegetables and meet for the main course, put them into the tray and put it into the oven several hours before the party to serve everything while it’s still fresh and warm.


Prepare goody-bags for the guests

Some sweets, cake pops and small toy for kids will do. Just make sure that everyone gets the same in their bags and don’t make them too big. Decorate them according to the party theme and leave the thank-you notes in there.


Clean your house

Carry out a deep cleaning one week before the party or hire cleaners for that matter. Then you won’t have to worry about that the day before the event and the only thing you might do is just to go through the problem areas, put things in place and maybe vacuum the floors downstairs.

Find House Cleaners


Send the invitations

If you’re willing to go fancy, choose a party invitation design template, customize it with your details, print them out and send them by mail.  But, you may totally send e-mail reminders and save some money on that. Besides, it’s much easier and you’ll know for sure that everyone’s received his invitation.


Photography and videography

Prepare a camera to take pictures and videotape the event. Although, you’ll probably be too busy to do it yourself, so either hire a photographer or/and videographer to get professional pictures and video of your kid’s birthday to have something to look back at in the future and enjoy the party without running around with camera and trying to capture at least the most important moments.


Furniture and playground

If you need additional tables and chairs, outdoor umbrellas, grill, inflatable pool or playground stuff, order them from the party equipment rental place in advance, as those things always get booked too fast.



Write down a schedule for the birthday party

Define, when it’s going to start, what time you’re going to have a meal, when kids are going to do this or that activity and when you’re going to cut the cake and sing ‘Happy birthday’. Decide whether you’re going to open the presents during the party or if you’ll do that afterwards. Anyways, make sure to write down a present list to know who gave you this or that present.



Other things to do the day before party

1. Get your party supplies ready (table sheets, a knife to cut the cake, tableware)
2. Think about the music (but, if you’re going to hire a DJ, it’s necessary to book his services in advance)
3. Decorate the place
4. Call the invitees once again to be aware of who’s going to come and who’ll not be able to make it
5. Cut the grass in the backyard if you’re having an outdoor celebrations
6. Do a small clean-up
7. Get some rest not to look like a zombie at your kid’s birthday

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