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How to Organize your Resort Room: 10 Tips


Whether you’re on vacation, at a conference, or doing an extended stay, keeping your hotel or resort room organized gives you a sense of peace and also ensures you do not forget to take your essentials with you when you leave.

The less amount of clutter in your room, the more you’ll enjoy your stay. With that in mind, here are ten tips on how you can organize your room for a better experience.


  1. Make a packing list

Before or during, prepare a list of the things you are packing. This way when you repack after your vacation days are over, you can avoid misplacing any items and leaving them behind.


  1. Unpack!

Even if it’s for a short stay, unpack immediately as you arrive. The spaces provided in the room are designed to be used, so why live out of your suitcase?

Unpacking everything will help you stay more organized and make your room feel homier. After unpacking, zip up your luggage and stash it in a closet or simply place it neatly in a corner by the door.


  1. Use the Closet

The closet, wardrobe, dresser, and drawers are all there for you to use. When you unpack, organize all your clothes, shoes, hats, etc. in the closet space. Hang up your clothes so they don’t get wrinkled. You can request more hangers if you need to.

If there is large closet space, stash your empty suitcase and bags inside so your room has a more spacious feel.

You can also use your drawers to keep your delicates, body sprays, perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, or if you’re staying with children, their toys and supplies.


  1. Foldable/Pop-up Laundry Bags

After a long day, when you return to your resort room, all you see is the chaos of dirty clothes everywhere. In this case, these bags are your friend, whether you are traveling alone or with your family.

They come in various sizes and can be easily folded and placed in a corner of your suitcase. So if you’re planning to travel a lot or stay for an extended period, doing laundry is a must! Most resorts and hotels have laundry services on the premises. So plan and select a resort that provides services that you’ll need during your stay.


  1. Fabric Storage Boxes for Your Essentials

These are cloth boxes that are also foldable. You can use them to store your essentials and avoid losing them when you’re in a hurry. Things like watches, wallets, purses, headphones, mobile phones, chargers, and any other things that you want to keep handy can be placed on your nightstand or a table beside the door.

These fabric storage boxes can also be used to organize toys or keep your toiletries together in the bathroom. This way you can avoid losing things if they are spread around the room.

Speaking of toiletries, it is also a good idea to bring your own if you’re planning to stay for a long time. Usually, most hotels and resorts do provide small travel-sized toiletries, but if you’re traveling from one place to another, it is recommended you bring your own.


  1. Hanging Shoe Holder

Another great organizing idea is to bring a hanging shoe holder to hold toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, hair salon equipment, jewelry, handkerchiefs, shampoo bottles, lotions, and lots more. Small items create a big mess when scattered around. Use them and then immediately put them away instead of throwing them on the counter “to do it later.” There’s no such thing!


  1. Bring a Power Strip/Multi Plug

One of the most common incidents that happen is that people, typically, forget to take their chargers or leave their headphones behind after they check out from the resort. Why deal with the hassle? Bring a power strip or a multi-plug of your own and have all your devices connected in one spot rather than all over the room. You can use those small cloth boxes to put your headphones, chargers, and devices in one place.


  1. Wash Dishes Immediately

Most resorts come with a kitchenette packed with plates, bowls, and silverware, and if you’re staying awhile you might as well tidy up after yourself if you plan to cook and dine in.

If you’re having meals outside, this tip is irrelevant. However, if you plan to cook or order takeout, your dishes will need to be washed. Clean up immediately to avoid dishes piling up and ruining your relaxation time after you come back. It is also a great way of staying organized and feeling good about yourself. Don’t forget to recycle the plastics and exercise appropriate waste management.


  1. Keep Your Room Clean

To stay organized, you need to exercise cleanliness and not let lethargy take over. “I will do it later” never happens, and when it does, the pile of chores becomes massive.

If you’re on vacation, it is all about relaxing, rebooting, and clearing your mind from the day-to-day struggles of life. If you’re on a work trip, you need all your focus and concentration in nailing that presentation. This can’t happen if you come back to your resort or hotel room and see a pile of clothes, dirty dishes, and all your essentials scattered around. Clean up as you go because only then you can enjoy your stay and it’ll save you time.


  1. Bring a Small Plant

To bring life to your organized room, place a small potted plant on your nightstand or a desk. Select plants that require minimal care and make your space feel homey and colorful.




If you’re staying at a resort or hotel for an extended time, it can get difficult to keep things organized in your room. Follow these tips to help you stay organized, enjoyable, and clean.

Hotels and resorts are there to make you feel comfortable so you can have a better experience. However, the above ten tips are some things that YOU can do so your trip remains hassle-free and you get back to the struggles of life with a clear mind.

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