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Christmas dining table decorations you’ll love


Christmas is almost on the threshold. Among many preparation tasks that you need to attend to like cleaning up your house, cooking the festive meal, and decorating your Christmas tree is also arranging your dining table in the spirit of this beautiful holiday. The dining table is the center of the Christmas celebrations. Here, you you will be treating your family and friends to your tasty dishes. The way your table looks, though, is no less important for the success of the evening. If you are planning to receive a numerous guest landing force, you might consider using the services of a catering company. They will take care of every detail starting from the dining table decoration and ending with cooking and serving food. You can also decorate your dining table yourself. That will definitely add a personal touch to your festive meal. Let us give you a few ideas how to make your Christmas dining table unique and appealing.

1. Christmas bells as wine glass charms

Everyone enjoys the sound of Christmas bells. You could make your table sound like a real jingle bell orchestra by tying tiny bell charms to the bases of your wine glasses. Just imagine all your family and guests ringing those bells simultaneously every time you raise your glasses to drink for the holiday.


2. Biscuit tree

You can show your creativity by placing a hand-made biscuit tree in the middle of the dining table. The tree can be represented by a jewelry stand, for example. String each biscuit with a ribbon and attach it to a tree branch. As the final touch, place a wreath of fresh foliage on the tree base. By choosing biscuits with different icing patterns and a different decoration for the base of the tree, you could use it to embellish your dining table not only for Christmas, but for other festive occasions as well.


3. Table center with evergreen branches

To enhance the spirit of Christmas even further, consider putting several branches of evergreen trees in the middle of your dining table. Supplement them with berries and pine cones. Your table will have a fresh look and smell, creating the impression that you are having a meal outdoors.

evergreen branches for your dining table

4. Plates with placeholders on your dining table

When your food is ready to be served, but the guests have not arrived yet, the empty plates on the dining table may look a little bit unattractive. Why not place napkins inside each plate along with a placeholder? The latter can be made of all kinds of objects. For instance, you can create a placeholder out of a candy with a winter-theme wrapper and tie a piece of ribbon around it.


5. Stir sticks in the shape of a fir tree

The Christmas dinner without drinking alcoholic beverages such as cocktails is hard to imagine. You could give a stylish look to them if you put stir sticks made with your hands in each glass. Preparing such sticks is not difficult. All you need to do is use glue to attach wooden skewers to small bottle brush trees.

6. Pine cones as place card holders

If you have kids, they will find this idea particularly enjoyable. Some time before you have planned your festive dinner take your children to a pine wood with you to pick pine cones around trees. Then, have them paint those cones in any color they desire (gold probably suits best). The pine cones can be used as place card holders at the dining table so that each guest should know where to sit.


7. Candles that float in wine bottles

If you have empty wine bottles that you have not thrown away yet, you can use them for creating candle holders. Take a bottle, cut the upper part off and pour some water into the remaining bottom half. Then, place a candle on a wooden base onto the water in each half-bottle. This will create a romantic atmosphere at the dining table.


8. Christmas-style chandelier

You can not only decorate your dining table by placing some ornamental items on it, but also above it. The idea is to make a Christmas-style chandelier in your dining-room. That can consist of evergreen branches, for instance, with some tinsel string addition. This is not something carved in stone, though. You can think of your own way to create a winter chandelier that will impress your guests.


The ideas for decorating the Christmas dining table are endless. Choose the ones that appeal to you. If the suggestions above are still not something that you want for your festive dinner and you crave for something really special, consider asking for recommendations from professional caterers.

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