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Perfect planning: Christmas party ideas

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Not every person has thousands Christmas party ideas to plan the special evening perfectly. And even those who have some are generally looking for some new tricks and refreshing tips to make every Christmas party special and warm. In this article we will go through the main stages of the evening preparation and give you some Christmas party ideas for planning it without stress.

#1 – Set the date

Christmas is always a busy period, so if you want to prepare for the party properly, you need to set tjhe time. This is Christmas party idea number one – set the date so you can plan everything beforehand. Once the date is decided upon, you will be able to send invitation cards to calculate how many people will come and properly plan food, drinks, setting, etc.


#2 – Decide on the budget

Budget will pretty much regulate everything in terms of Christmas party ideas and their implementation. The bigger the budget is, the more tasteful your special evening will be. So think straight and decide on what sum of money you can spend for this Christmas. Remember that no party ever goes smooth, so don’t forget to plan a reserved stock for emergencies. Never neglect the idea of a money box for Christmas accidents because it provides a peace of mind and if not used, can be employed later on.


#3 – Establish the type of party

Before you proceed to reading about Christmas party ideas in terms of a theme, you need to establish the kind of party you are throwing. Will it be a buffet with servers and evening gowns or just a homecoming evening for close friends and family? Will you be cooking everything yourself, will you hire a chef, or just ask every guest to bring something for the table? Will you do everything yourself or hire professional event planners and relax during the evening? The type of party you’re trying to organize will influence the dress code, the menu, and the number of guests you will be expecting.

Note: there are lots of Christmas party ideas for any occasion, but for such a special evening you should think not about what people expect from you, but about what you want. Don’t organize a gala with heels and bow ties if you’re dreaming of warm sleepers and hot cacao with marshmellow.

christmas party ideas

#4 – Plan the venue

If you decided to plan a huge event which requires a venue, then go through the local listings and choose the best fitting one. And hurry up! Christmas is in 3 weeks so in a couple of days the best venues will be taken! Rush to the computer, get three to five best options and book the most appropriate one today.

In case your venue is your home, you can loosen up a little bit. Your goal at this point is to think about the logistics during the party. Sketch the floor plan to understand if you can fit everyone into one home.


#5 – Christmas party ideas for the menu

Food is the key ingredient to a successful Christmas party. You can find several Christmas party ideas for your menu here, but if cooking is not your cup of tea, then it’s better to consider alternative options. You can ask your friends and family to bring something – this is option #1. You can order the whole menu in a local restaurant and then just preheat the food for the reception – option #2. And the best is option #3 – hire a personal chef who will cook the dinner for you and your guests to serve everything hot, tasty, and effortless.


#6 – Drinks

There is no party if there are no drinks included. When planning your drinks menu you need to be sophisticated and simple at the same time. Think of your guests and their preferences as well as of your party type. For example, if you have a reception with haute-couture dress code, then the best Christmas party ideas list would include hiring a professional bartender to amuse your guests. Should you have a small Christmas evening with the family, just buy some good wine and maybe scotch to let your men enjoy the night too.


#7 – Plan entertainment

And the last tip from this article is to make your dinner interesting and special. Plan some entertainment for your guests. For smaller parties charades, some board games, or traditional karaoke would do the magic. For larger parties it’s better not to break your head over entertainment, but to hire a professional party planner who would if not organize this part of the evening, then at least give you best Christmas party ideas appropriate for your type of reception and your guests’ status.


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