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Quick and easy way of how to cut your own hair + bangs


Spending 50-60$ on a basic haircut or even just a trim may seem completely unnecessary if you think that you may actually try to do it yourself. Fair enough, we actually find ourselves sparing too much money on hairdresser’s services and often end up with a hair style we actually didn’t hope for. As a result, disappointment and the feeling of the money you’ve lost in vain are inevitable in this case.

At the same time, we all have some terrifying stories to tell about that one time we chopped our hair off terribly wrong, so that even a professional spent quite a while in attempts to fix the disaster, and we swore never to repeat that. Moreover, we didn’t get the desired look again and earned a lifelong fear of cutting our own hair.

So, despite the fact that we don’t really want to splurge on hairdressers, we think that there is no other choice. Although it’s undeniable that there are a lot of brilliant hairdressers out there, who may do their job fast and perfectly, who don’t charge a whole lot for their services and whose chair you leave with a smile on your face.

As people have less and less time to treat themselves and visit a salon, hairdressers became even more flexible and started providing their services at their clients’ places. Now, you may easily find an ad of a hairdresser, who is working in your local area and may come to your house to cut your hair or get it done for a special occasion. Go to HireRush.com and look through the professionals’ ads in the Fashion & Beauty section. Specify the searching process to the city you live in and contact the hairdressers, whose ads you liked the most. I’d like to repeat it once again that it’s probably better to talk to several people to make the best choice.

Find local hairdressers

There’re some cases, when you definitely want to address the professional considering getting your hair cut. If you choose a complicated style or the one that presumes quite sharp, straight and neat lines and edges, than you should probably entrust this job to a professional to get a decent look. It’s especially recommended if you haven’t done anything to your hair yourself before or if you’re not sure if the hairstyle you’ve picked is going to fit you.

But you may easily trim your bangs or split ends, touch up your basic haircut after you practice a little and do it without the unnecessary rush and with a good share of confidence. Actually, it’s even necessary to trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends and ensure that your hair grows out healthy and shiny.  After all, professional hairdresser will fix everything if you mess up. Some of them will even help you out and teach you how to trim your hair if you ask them for advice.

Nevertheless, I’m sure that if you follow all the instructions and purchase decent tools, you’ll do all right. Just don’t expect your first time be completely perfect and evolve as you do it over and over again.


To make the process easier, neater and more efficient, you will need:

  • Sharp professional scissors – it’s better to invest in good quality ones, so that you don’t have trouble while cutting and don’t damage your hair even more than it is now. Blunt scissors or those that are not intended for cutting hair might give you more split ends and uneven lines. I’m not even mentioning the fact that it’s really hard to work with them, especially when you’re a beginner and it’s going to be your first or second attempt to cut your own hair. So, avoid regrets and embarrassing hairdressing salon runs and spend a little more on scissors, especially if you’re planning to save on hairdresser’s services and do everything on your own in the future.
  • Hair clips and bands – to section your hair for extra convenience
  • A hair comb with a pointy end to make perfect sections and parts
  • A spray bottle with some water
  • An electric shear cutter (optional) – for men haircuts or for extremely short women ones.
  • A mirror (or two of them to be able to see what you’re doing at the back of your head)

Involve someone to help or even just support, encourage and reassure you. Some people can’t stand anyone looking at them when they’re doing something like that, but others just can’t handle the pressure on their own and need another person to tell them they can do it.

Arrange everything to be comfortable and have everything in a hand reach, and proceed to the most terrifying and exciting at the same time part – THE ACTUAL CUTTING.

How to cut bangs

It’s so irritating when bangs get into your eyes and don’t let you see normally. But, as a rule, we’re so lazy to go to hairdressers just for that matter, so we let them grow out way too long. So, it’s better to be able to do it yourself at home at any time you want.

So, to trim your bangs, have your other hair secured into a ponytail not to cut it accidently. Grab a comb and use it to divide the top bangs’ hair and pull it away from your face. Clip it at the top of your head and work with the bottom half. Wet it with a little bit of water till it’s damp, pull it with your fingers downwards right above the length you’re going to cut off. Don’t do it in one single cut. Make your way with scissors just below your fingers in short cuts, taking several stands of the already cut bangs to have a guide. Do the same to the top part of the bangs you’ve clipped away before. This way you’ll have a straight effect. If your bangs aren’t too thick, you may totally skip this step and cut them without dividing into two parts.

To ensure that the sides are even, grab two strands on each side with two fingers and pull them down slowly at the same speed. If you run out of hair on both sides at the same time, then you’ve done an amazing job. If not, trim the sides until you like the finished look.

You may also ruffle the ends if you want so.

Remember that you should cut off a little bit less than you’re aiming for. After you release your hair and let it dry, it’s going to jump up slightly.

While cutting swept bangs, follow the same rules with a one significant exception. You should start cutting in 0.5 inch sections at the shortest part of your bangs, angling your scissors downwards to get the sections longer and longer as you move to the end.

Quick and easy way to cut your long hair (and get layers)

In this case, pull top part of your hair together in a ponytail and secure it almost at your forehead. Bend forward a little bit and bring your ponytail to the front. Grab another rubber band and secure it on the ponytail as high or as low as you want and make a good straight-across cut just below the elastic. You may also cut randomly into the hair below the band to achieve quite feathery look.

Gather all remaining hair and tie it in the front just behind the first ponytail. Measure the length (the shortest section of the back hair is going to be your guide); secure it with another elastic and cut the hair just like you did on your first ponytail.


It couldn’t be easier, could it?

Actually, it could. You could tie your hair in one single ponytail and repeat the same steps I’ve mentioned above just one time.

Either way, you’ll end up with a nice layered haircut just in 10-15 minutes and money saved on a hair salon visit.

If you don’t want layers, you should have someone split your hair into two parts, tie them into two ponytails at the back, measure the desired length on both parts evenly, secure it with rubber bands and make two straight-across cuts just below the bands. Check if both sides are even applying the method I’ve mentioned considering the bangs.

Besides, you may purchase a special long, slightly rounded clip to use as a guideline to trim your hair. You may find the same ones for bangs as well.

However, if you’re not confident that you can do it yourself and achieve a great look or if you’re aiming for quite complex hairstyle, which takes a lot of time, effort and skills, then it’s better to address to the professional hairdresser. You may find one on HireRush.com. Check out the hairdressers’ ads and ask one of them to do your hair. Some people may even do it at your house, so pick a hairstyle you like, make a call and get ready for a makeover.

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