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10 car tools every car owner must have

Car repair shop

One of the most terrible scenarios any driver fears is getting stuck somewhere in the middle of a deserted country road as a result of a sudden breakdown. While the problem may turn out to be too serious and require professional help, a few essential implements may get a motorist out of trouble, albeit temporarily. Here is a list of car tools that every car owner should have in the boot before turning the ignition key.

1. Life hammer

This small thing has saved many lives. The hammer serves two main purposes:

  • Smashing the car window when a fire breaks out or the vehicle drops or slips into a river or pond.
  • Cutting the safety belt when milliseconds determine whether you are going to live or die.

A life hammer has a shining pin that is visible in the darkness so that you can find the tool quickly in an emergency situation. Keep it attached with duct tape near the driver’s seat.

life hammer

Source: https://www.amazon.com

2. Jack and jack stands

To replace a flat tire on the road, a car owner needs a jack and jack stands in order to raise the car higher above the ground. Besides, a driver often has to crawl under the car to fix a multitude of issues, and that’s impossible to achieve without these car tools. Professional auto repair technicians recommend purchasing a quality, heavy-duty jack if you don’t want to end up with several thousands of pounds on your chest.

car tools: jack stands

Source: https://www.northerntool.com

3. Socket and screwdriver set

The internals of the modern cars are made of dozens of parts fixed with bolts and nuts. To loosen or tighten those, you need sockets and screwdrivers of various sizes and shapes. As for screwdrivers, buy both Phillips head and flat head varieties. When it comes to sockets, the best option is a 3/8-inch socket set. A standard set also contains various extensions that make working with bolts and nuts easier.

socket and screwdriver set

Source: https://www.amazon.com

4. Tire chains

The snow and ice make roads very slippery, especially those located away from populated areas, where road maintenance services are not performed. Tire chains are an invaluable tool to enhance the traction of your vehicle whatever type it is (rear-wheel, front-wheel, or all-wheel drive).


Source: http://www.tirechainsrus.com

5. Digital-accuracy torque

Tightening certain bolts in your vehicle insufficiently may damage it or even cause an accident. To avoid a disaster, buy a digital-accuracy torque that has an LCD-screen. It allows the driver to see if a nut has been tightened enough (according to the manufacturer’s requirements). It additionally sends an audio signal that serves the same purpose. You can also purchase a digital torque adapter and use it with an ordinary wrench.

digital-accuracy torque

Source: http://www.torquefox.com

6. Tire pressure gauge

The right pressure in your tires is an extremely important factor that guarantees your safety. If you don’t want to see one of your tires suddenly go flat, you should constantly monitor the pressure. To that end, we recommend purchasing a digitized tire pressure gauge. Although it costs more than the standard version that’s stuck into a tire, the electronic gauge will give you much more accurate readings. Thus, you will always know if you need to pump more air into a tire.

tire pressure gauge

Source: https://www.amazon.com

7. Telescopic mirror and magnet set

A car motor is a maze of various parts. Some of them are hidden from view. In order to see and fix them, you can use a telescopic mirror. It has a handle that can pull out up to 25 inches. A magnet will help you collect bolts, nuts, or small parts that you have lost somewhere deep inside the engine.

telescopic mirror and magnet set

Source: https://www.amazon.com

8. Jumper cables

Jumper cables belong to the car tools that will help you jump start your dead battery. When asking another motorist help you with this, make sure your batteries have identical voltage. Otherwise, you put the electronics in your car at risk. As with other tools, experts recommend choosing reliable, thick cables of high quality with heavy-duty clamps. Using cables that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet is a very bad idea.

jumper cables

Source: https://www.amazon.com

9. Speed charger

Another tool that can help you revive your battery is a speed charger. The good thing about it is that it is completely automatic. Using a speed charger, you can supply voltage to several electronic devices simultaneously.

speed charger

Source: https://www.amazon.com

10. Tire sealer/inflator

When one of your tires has gone flat and you have no spare one for some reason, use a tire inflator. When it gets inside a tire, it finds the damaged spot and creates enough pressure to inflate the tire again. Note that this is only a temporary solution. Once you get to a repair shop, have the damaged tire replaced.

tire sealer

Source: https://www.autozone.com

In an ideal world cars would never break down and tires would never get punctured. Alas, we are not living in a perfect world. Even when your car stops dead in the center of the road, though, you can get the motor spinning again using the car tools described above. Also, try to keep your vehicle in good order, wash it regularly, and have it inspected by a mechanic as often as you can.

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