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5 Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Upholstery Fabric


Upholstery fabric is a huge investment. You don’t want to second-guess your choice just after a few days. Imagine battling the stains if you picked the wrong material. A mismatched color or pattern will ruin the aesthetics of the room. You’ll only end up spending more trying to fix the problems. Follow these five basic tips for choosing the best upholstery fabric.


1. Let the Colors Speak

It’s hard to shy away from your all-time favorites. That’s okay. Imagine how grand an all-beige room will look! However, when it comes to upholstery, it’s wise to follow certain tips. Here’s what you have to do.
Don’t choose bold colors for a tiny room. It makes it look smaller. If your house is filled with kids, shy away from light colors. Pastel colors sound good in theory only. Most importantly, don’t follow trends while choosing the best upholstery fabric. What will you do once the hype dies down?
The upholstery fabric you pick is there to make a statement. The color you choose elevates it. Let’s say you own vintage furniture. If you pick a bold-colored upholstery, you’ll add a dramatic touch to your room. Opt for lighter hues if you want your space to look bigger.
Just ask yourself this question: What sort of ambiance do you want to create? What sort of designs do you gravitate towards? Pair up the furniture with pillows, rugs, mats, and more. Find complementary colors if you want the room to be easy on the eyes. Get contrasting colors if you want to go bold! Experiment with different color combinations to find the perfect look.


2. It’s All About Durability

Colors are a primary concern for many. However, you should be more worried about durability. Upholstery isn’t something you change every other week. You need to make a practical investment. Don’t buy fabric that will wear out in no time.
If your furniture is used by your children or pets, you need a strong fabric. Leather or microfiber materials are ideal in such situations. Settle for fancier fabric if you don’t have the same limitations. Woven ones look extremely chic!
Here’s the trick to finding the right fabric. You need to ask the salesperson what type of material it is. Is it for light, medium, or heavy use? It’s a nifty way to rule out the fabric that only looks aesthetically pleasing.
Moreover, look for engineered fabrics. Cotton is the ideal choice in tropical climates. However, natural fabrics wear out more easily. Instead, you can get pillows and cushions. Rayon and polyester are great options for a big family. They withstand a lot of wear and tear! And they look luxurious to boot.


3. Make a Stylish Statement

It’s the tiny details that matter in your home. The upholstery fabric you pick must complement the rest of your interior design. It must be relevant to your existing style.
An upholstery fabric with large patterns won’t suit a tiny room unless it’s devoid of other objects. This style suits more expansive rooms. Patterns can change the look of your space.
Pro-tip: Avoid large patterns on tiny pieces of furniture. You won’t do justice to the fabric.
Pay attention to the geometry of your furniture. This minute detail can accentuate the furniture you own. Stripes look great on sleek chairs. It makes the seating place taller. On the other hand, ottomans can pull off crazy tribal prints or exotic flower patterns.
Now let’s talk about mixing patterns. Always start with the most complex pattern. Combining textures while designing your home is always a plus. However, always start with the pattern that makes the most noise. Then add soothing or subtle colors or prints that bring balance to your room.


4. Have a Zen Moment

Every room deserves a quiet harmony. Your upholstery fabric should define your style. If you are more traditional, opt for a simple and subtle fabric. What if you’re more adventurous? Create a fusion of traditional and modern styles to stand out!
The combination of colors, patterns, and textures should be symbiotic in your home. Every little change counts. Silk upholstery adds an elegant touch to your home. A damask looks better on camelback. If you like modern yet casual designs, then opt for linen.
Again, closely consider the shape of your furniture before picking your upholstery fabric. A curvaceous piece requires solid colors. Ornate shapes are tricky to work with. As a result, it’s best to stick with singular and subtle colors.
Moreover, a large sofa dominates the space. It already demands attention. You don’t need to pick an extravagant fabric to make it stand out more. A rich, solid color works best for this. The mix of the two makes it a timeless piece! Who doesn’t like the classics?
Pay attention to the furnishings of your room as well. It’s great if you’re investing in a statement piece. However, everything should be in a beautiful symbiosis. The myriad of colors, patterns, and textures must work well.


5. Maintenance Should Be Easy

Any fabric you pick should be easy to maintain. Your dream fabric should meet all the criteria stated above. However, how much pressure can your sofa take? Does it require additional care? Always get fabric that is easy to structure and stretch.

Consider where the furniture will be placed. Will it be in direct sunlight? In that case, you should avoid natural fabrics like cotton or linen. They tend to fade with exposure. If you suffer from allergies, invest in microfiber materials. These fabrics don’t attract dust or grime.

Distressed leather or vinyl are excellent picks for busy homes. Whether your house is filled with furry friends or kids, these robust sofas are a must-have. However, leather absorbs a huge amount of oil and dust. To keep your furniture spotless vacuum it once a month. You’ll be surprised at how much grime your sofa accumulates. Use a wet cloth to wipe it for added measure!



Choosing the best upholstery fabric is more than about picking colors. You need to consider the longevity, texture, and additional benefits of the fabric. All you need to do is abide by these five tips! Collect swatches of fabric to compare and contrast the material. See which fits your needs best. You’ll find your desired upholstery in no time!

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