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Fall 2018 trends: how to get a smooth transition from summer?

fall 2018 trends

While the calendar states that the summer is over, the mind is still dreaming about the warm sunny days and light shirts. The weather is changing but not that fast! We still have a chance to wear chiffon dresses and open sandals. And what can calendar dictate if the thermometer shows 70-80F?

Of course, we all want to keep the summer rolling for at least a month but the temperature will soon start dropping fast so it’s important to switch to the fall fashion. This year, it’s very easy because the worldwide fashion houses continue creating comfortable casual streetwear with the people’s convenience in mind. So we’re offering you to get some universal tips about transitioning your wardrobe from summer to autumn and learn some tips about doing it with fall 2018 trends.

1. Change the colors but not really

The general rule of a thumb is to begin changing your bright and cheerful summer colors into darker and calmer fall color pallet. This year you can take a breath because the trends change – now the fall doesn’t have to be dark and doom. No, the bright colors stay on track.

For instance, you remember bubblegum pink that was embraced by Lucy Hale, Emma Roberts, and Kim Kardashian West this summer? Well, this fall the magenta color stays put and so you can continue wearing your pink clothes even in fall and still look trendy. Besides the pink, you can check the popular fall 2018 trends in colors to keep the autumn up to date. Keep in mind, however, that you can slowly move from nebulas blue and pink peacock in September toward more gracious Sargasso Sea and Martini olive for November looks.

Image credit ComeTrend

Image source: Cometrend

2. Layering can save your day

The days when one-piece clothing looked trendy are long gone. Today layering takes its place on the podium. If you’re not ready to leave your favorite summer dress, then you can easily mix it with a boyfriend-like cardigan or a jeans jacket to stay warm and still have a part of summer fun with you.

Image credit Faviana

Image source: Faviana

3. To be professional doesn’t mean to be boring

You can no longer come to work in your favorite light white shirt and the comfortable flannel pants don’t keep you warm in the morning? Don’t fret! This fall plaid patterns got to the top and filled fall/winter collections of Michael Kors, Versace, and Christian Dior. Most distinguished fashion designers addressed the need for a professional look in their fall 2018 trends. So take your checked suit and go run this world!

Credit to WSJ

Image source: WSJ

4. Shoes don’t have to change either

This fall 2018 trends allow fashionistas to stay in their favorite shoes – sneakers and sandals. Generally, we know that in autumn it’s considered good manners if you begin covering your feet and give up open footwear. Well, it seems that 2018 dictates a bit different scenario. The heels remain on the side of art-house; yes-yes, right there. You don’t need to make any accents if your heels are like balls or as some weirdly-shaped geometrical figures. If you’re working in an office, then it’s a perfect way to stay fashionable, up-to-date, and yet professional in your outfits.

For those who don’t really care about the dress code at work, there is a continuing trend for high fashion kicks. On top of that, you can recollect the end of the 20th century when the Dr. Marten’s boots got extremely popular. The fall 2018 trend for combat boots is here again!


5. Remember about the jeans and corduroy

These two materials seem to be everlasting in the world of fashion. This fall 2018 trends bring them back to your attention. Full jeans outfits seem to be winning the race. The classy jeans are what everyone has for both summer and autumn looks, so what personal stylists advise is adding a jeans jacket and a jeans shirt to your outfit to create a fall mood in your clothes. If you want to diversify your look and add some more color, then corduroy jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, and even complete suits can help you reach the goal.


Bottom line

Fall 2018 trends seem to be logically continuing the summer fashion style. All you need is add a couple of more details and new colors to your summer looks to get through September and smoothly swing into the cold fall nights!

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