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The Ultimate Guide to Putting Together Employee Welcome Kits


Employee welcome kits are more than just a nice gesture. They represent your organization’s investment in new hires, setting a positive tone from day one. It’s about shaping new employees’ first impressions and making them feel part of the team right away.

These well-thought-out packages not only communicate essential company information but also embody your culture, values, mission, and vision as an employer.

With impact beyond mere aesthetics, they play a pivotal role in successful onboarding experiences that foster engagement and drive productivity from the onset. Let’s go over options for handling them successfully.


Selecting Essential Items for Your New Hire Welcome Kit


Choosing the right items to include in your welcome kit is key in establishing a strong connection with your new hires. Each item should be meaningful, functional, and echo your company’s ethos.

Consider adding these essentials:

  • Company Branded Gear: This can range from t-shirts to mugs or stationery branded with the company logo.
  • Employee Handbook: An essential tool which outlines policies, procedures and expectations within your organization, including any employee placement opportunities.
  • IT Essentials: Depending on their role, provide login details for relevant software platforms or necessary hardware like headphones or USB drives.
  • Personalized Note from Leadership Team: A warm welcome message goes a long way towards making new employees feel valued.

Each inclusion speaks volumes about how you value and support every employee, so choose wisely!


Incorporating Company Culture into Your Welcome Kit


Injecting your company culture and values into welcome kits offers newcomers a glimpse of what’s truly important in your organization. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Team Photos: Including visuals like departmental group shots can help new employees feel part of the family right away. You could even make personalized photo books to ensure each team is represented uniquely.
  • Company Events Calendar: Offering insight into regular team building events showcases an emphasis on community within the workplace.
  • Reward Tokens/Vouchers: These could be for achieving targets, underlining a performance-driven culture that recognizes hard work.

Every item you include not just welcomes but also subtly communicates the overarching organizational philosophy. Make each selection count towards establishing positive perceptions.


Must-Have Informational Materials in an Employee Onboarding Package


While it’s fun to include cool branded swag or personalized items, don’t overlook the essentials. Any welcome package should also house fundamental documents and resources that will help your new employees hit the ground running.

For that purpose, consider including:

  • Directories or Organization Charts: Something for helping understand team structures and who reports to whom.
  • Access Information: This could be anything from software login details to door access codes, giving them everything they need physically and virtually.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): A list addressing common queries about systems or procedures can provide instant guidance. 

Ensuring these practical elements are present in the welcome kit makes the onboarding journey seamless and productive right from day one.


Tips to Make Your Employee Welcome Kits Eco-Friendly


Creating eco-friendly employee welcome kits is not only a nod towards sustainability, but it also encourages your new hires to adopt environmentally friendly practices. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Choose Recycled Materials: From the box or bag housing the welcome kit, to any paper products included within, opt for high-quality recycled materials.
  • Prioritize Reusability: Include items that have longevity, like branded metal water bottles, reusable shopping bags, or coffee mugs.
  • Limit Plastics and Non-Biodegradable Items: Opt out of anything single use where possible and avoid plastic-wrapped gifts.
  • Support Local Vendors: Minimize carbon footprint by sourcing locally-made products for inclusion in your kits.

By making these greener choices with your employee onboarding packages, you help underline an organizational commitment towards environmental responsibility.


Best Practices: Dos and Don’ts of Assembling Staff Intro Packs


Crafting effective employee welcome kits involves more than just throwing together a few items. To communicate the right impression, follow these dos and don’ts:


  • Personalize it: Show that you know your new employees by personalizing their kit with name-specific information or merchandise.
  • Keep It Useful: Choose practical items like stationery or company-branded hoodies for work-from-home comfort. You could even make it all-digital, and make Christmas invitations online to invite them to participate in upcoming company events, without wasting paper. 


  • Overload Information: Though necessary guides (like handbooks) should be included, avoid overwhelming them with too much info all at once.
  • Skimp on Quality: Ensure that all of the materials, from paper stock to products, are high quality.

Basically, successful welcome kits strike a balance between informative content and thoughtful gestures.




Creating effective employee welcome kits is an exciting, creative process that underscores your commitment to new hires and sets the tone for their journey ahead. It’s not just about physical gifts, but more importantly about promoting your culture, values and making them feel instantly part of the team.

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