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Top 10 kitchen cleaning tips


Kitchens are the areas we spend cleaning the most, as cooking grease, food crumbs and other debris accumulates there in a blink of an eye. That’s why regular and everyday kitchen cleaning saves a lot of time during the throughout house cleaning and keeps this area in our homes more or less decent all the time.

However, most kitchen surfaces get dirty even despite our maintenance efforts.

Kitchen appliances are probably the first kitchen cleaning problem areas that are so difficult to tackle. Keeping cupboards and counters organized takes up a lot of time as well.

But, there’re a few hacks that might help you deal with cleaning your kitchen while spending less time and effort on this process. Moreover, they’ll help you reach better results.

So, take a quick break to acquire a couple of cool kitchen cleaning tricks and get to work to make your kitchen all fresh and sparkling clean!

Kitchen cleaning tips and hacks

  1. Don’t you just hate washing your blender after making a smoothie or something like that?
    Well, that’s the reason why I don’t make as much smoothies and refreshing mocktails as I’d like to. But, we can easily fix that.
    Just don’t put away your blender’s bowl and start cleaning it immediately after the use.
    To do that without any fuss, just fill it with warm water (about 1/3 or 1/4 of the bowl), add a drop or two of your regular dish soap and pop it onto the actual blender.
    Turn it on to make your amazing cleaning smoothie. Once you’re done, your blender’s bowl will be really clean.
    You’ll just have to rinse it with pure water to get rid of dish soap residue.
  2. Love white coffee mugs? Me too! Hate that brownish coffee/tea stains on them. I can totally relate.
    And that’s why we’re going to get rid of them!
    Take a little bit of vinegar and salt (equal amounts) and rub the inside of your cups with it.
    After that, rinse them with pure water. They’ll be all white again!
    (By the way, bicarbonate soda will do the same job).
  3. If you’ve terribly burnt one of your favorite pans, don’t rush to throw it away.
    Bicarbonate soda and vinegar will bring it back to life.
    Get your pan, fill it with room temperature water and add equal parts of vinegar and soda to it.
    Leave it this way for about 10-12 hours (better overnight) and wash all that burnt stuff off!
  4. Don’t forget to wipe the tops of your hanging cabinets regularly, as not only regular dust, but also that yucky cooking grease accumulates on them.
    Murphy’s oil soap is probably the best kitchen grim and grease fighter among commercial cleaners.
  5. If you’re having trouble getting that cooking grease off the surfaces in your kitchen, try to use cleaning products that are based on citrus ingredients.
    Many people note that those cut through the grease on their cupboards and countertops the best.
  6. If you’ve been noticing that your plates, glasses and other tableware come out of the dishwasher covered with that whitish residue resembling hard water stains, it means that it’s time to clean your dishwashing machine.
    Might sound ridiculous, but it doesn’t clean itself along with your dishes. You need to go over its door, clean the drain, dish racks and utensil holders.
    After that, fill an average dishwasher-friendly cup with plain vinegar, put it inside the dishwasher, set the highest temperature regime, start your machine and let it finish one full cycle.
    If that doesn’t solve your problem, go to HireRush.com and get in touch with a local appliance cleaning pro by leaving a dishwashing cleaning request on the website or calling one of the specialists directly from the website. Leave your request here
  7. Similar cleanser will turn your microwave from disgusting mess into the sparkling brand-new appliance.
    Again, take a big plastic bowl, pour some vinegar and hot water in it (1 cup of each) and run your microwave for 7-10 minutes.
    That’s what I like to call microwave steam cleaning!
  8. If you’ve spilled something onto your stove and find it really hard to get rid of that burned spot now, you just need to get a little bit of car wax and use a small rug to clean your stove’s surface with it.
    Wax will not only help you get rid of those stubborn stains much easier.
    It will also protect your stove’s surface and prevent further spots from sticking to it to the point where they’re almost impossible to wipe off.
  9. Fizzy baking soda and vinegar volcano will clean the grout between your kitchen tiles.
    Just prepare some soda and water paste and apply it onto the gaps between tiles with the help of an old toothbrush.
    Then, pour some vinegar into the spray bottle and spray the grout.
    Let that action cleanser work for 10-15 minutes and wash it off.
    Your patience will be rewarded with clean grout.
  10. If you hate cleaning shelves in your refrigerator too often, but can’t stand their grimy look, use tablemats or protect them with plastic wrap will extend the between-cleaning interval.

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